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What Can the Apparel Industry Do for the Environmental Crisis?

What Can the Apparel Industry Do for the Environmental Crisis

What Can the Apparel Industry Do for the Environmental Crisis?

Nowadays, more and more people have realized the pollution caused by the fashion industry. The problem of wasting resources is increasingly brutal and sustainable fashion is the goal for most apparel enterprises.


More and more enterprises have changed their business modes and operation modes to contribute to the environmental crisis. Aung Crown has actively explored a new way to make an example of sustainable development for the protection of the environment – aungcrowngreen is the new section for sustainable fashion.


Sustainable Fashion Brand – aungcrowngreen

aungcrowngreen has continuously developed and introduced sustainable products and solutions that are parts of aungcrowngreen Sustainable development. Besides these, aungcrowngreen has more ideas and layouts about sustainable development.


aungcrowngreen has contributed to building a sustainable supply chain to reduce the burden on the environment from raw materials, processes, and transportation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, consumption of resources, wastewater, and more to achieve the final goal of sustainable development.


  1. Raw Material: Adopted renewable fiber to reduce 40% of carbon emissions. Using recycled plastic as raw material to reduce oil consumption can reduce about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions.
  1. Regenerated spinning yarn and twisting: The process of spinning yarn and sewing occupies 27% of the total power consumption in aungcrowngreen. Taking advantage of a good process plan and machine maintenance can reduce power consumption.
  1. Dye: Improves dye processes and with advanced devices can reduce water consumption. The dye processes occupy 58% of power consumption and 90% of water consumption in aungcrowngreen. Improving the dye processes and using advanced devices can reduce water consumption.
  1. Coating and surface treatment: reduce packing material and lower the weight of materials. Packing is about 25% of the weight of selling material and reducing packing is great to protect the environment.
  1. Shipment: reduce shipping consumption and improve production and shipment, all aungcrowngreen warehouses in its factory will reduce transportation consumption.
  1. Sewn: build a recycled collection and renewable system. Sewing threads occupy a small amount in clothing and shoes, about 3%. aungcrowngreen is creating a perfect recycled system.


Building recycled and circular processes worldwide

Nowadays, most operation modes in the textile industry are flow line manufacturing: manufacture natural raw or synthetic fibers into yarn, then turn them into textiles, and finally produce them as products. The final products will be sold to consumers and abandoned or treated as garbage at the end of their lifespans. In some areas, there are 100 million tons of new raw materials in flow line manufacturing producing massive waste. This is not a sustainable business model, it’s a wasteful mode.


After knowing the result of the flow line manufacturing in the apparel industry, aungcrowngreen has strived to explore an environmentally sustainable mode to make abandoned textile materials reprocessed into new textile products. Building a circular mode avoids continuously using new raw fiber to solve abandoned problems at the same time.


Building a natural, circular, recycled, degradable, low-carbon recycling system is the goal that aungcrowngreen has strived to. Right now aungcrowngreen has produced many sustainable products: sustainable baseball caps/snapback caps/trucker hats/dad hats/beanie hats/bucket hats. All these products are made with sustainable fabrics that are great for the environment.

What Can the Apparel Industry Do for the Environmental Crisis?

Plastic pollution

Do you know about the pollution caused by plastic? There is one truckload of plastic that will be dumped into the ocean per minute. 8 Million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year and it only takes ten days, plastic can cover the entire island of Manhattan. In the depths of The Pacific, there is an immense garbage island that is 3 times the size of France. Plastic garbage that is dumped into the ocean destroys the ecosystem, but if we collect it together, there will be significant advantages to it.  aungcrowngreen utilizes recycled plastic as the brim of baseball hats or sewn RPET thread that can reduce waste resources and help the environment get rid of plastic garbage somehow.


Recycled utilization

In invisible detail, aungcrowngreen has explored ways for recycled mode in the apparel industry, for example, the package materials occupy 25% of a product and gradually use sustainable packaging materials.


Lower the production-consumption

The total water consumption was lower by 22%; the power consumption was lower by 7%; the waste was lower by 3%, and about 82% of wastewater reached the emission standard of  ZDHC(Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals). We may not change the production structure of the apparel industry, but we can change the consumption in production. The continuous lower consumption means we are moving to the next stage in protecting the environment and the continuous data that is close to the standard is getting from huge investments and innovative changes. Sustainable development is oriented development.


Take action for sustainable development

How do ensure production to reduce consumption in manufacturing and achieve green manufacturing at the same time? Taking advantage of recycled and regenerated resources, aungcrowngreen saves about 650,023,690MJ which can reduce the burden on the planet and steps forward to green manufacturing.


Be serious about details

People may think making a piece of clothes is easy, but AngcrownGreen knows a brand that has a high pursuit, and all the details can be seen, even a small part in sewing threads can be tested a thousand times to bring consumers a more comfortable experience. Because of the pickiness, employees in aungcrowngreen are very proud of recommending the products they make, as they know the high quality of their products, and AungcrownGreen is ranked at a high level in the hats and garments industry. With continuous creation, exploration, and action in sustainable development, we can go towards a completely circular and sustainable world. We are hoping to create a better earth with you.


Goal in future

Not only do we continue to make progress towards our future goals, but we have even better ideas and practices for sustainable development.


For production

In 2030, aungcrowngreen will consume 70% of regenerated resources of power consumption worldwide.

In 2050, aungcrowngreen will achieve the goal of zero-emission.


For the ethical aspect

To create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace to safeguard the safety of employees in the workplace, ensure their community’s well-being and advance supplier social performance.

What Can the Apparel Industry Do for the Environmental Crisis?

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