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The On-Trend Black Snapback Hat from aungcrowngreen

The On-Trend Black Snapback Hat from aungcrowngreen

Complete your trendy and fashionable style with a snapback hat! The appeal of snapback hats always succeeds in making one’s appearance look more stylish. Many world artists have made snapback hats their favorite accessory not only for casual wear but also for formal wear and staging attributes. Because snapback hats are very suitable to be combined with any attire, both for men and women.


For this reason, see a product review below of a superior snapback hat product from a well-known brand, aungcrowngreen. In particular, the new black snapback hat created by aungcrowngreen will soon be marketed worldwide.


What’s aungcrowngreen?

So, what is aungcrowngreen? The company started in 2009 with the name Aung Crown, which is now also known as the name aungcrowngreen, was first founded by Kailyn Weng (CEO). Starting from her concern for environmental issues, Kailyn became an environmental activist when she was a university student. She started voicing eco-fashion or green fashion in her fashion creations and works. AungcrownGreen produces eco-fashion products that are all made from organic fabrics and are easily recycled. Like the company’s vision, “Sustainable, Ethical, Reusable”.


Why sustainable fashion? Based in Shenzhen, China, aungcrowngreen produces not only products that are friendly to the user’s skin but also environmentally friendly in the production process and raw materials. Thus, as well as being friendly to social welfare and all industry players that are involved. This is driven by the high level of industrial waste generated by the fashion industry every year. This waste comes from the production process, clothes that are simply thrown away, and other wastes that have a negative impact on the environment.


Why should you choose aungcrowngreen sustainable snapback hats? The snapback hat is a very popular hat among not only today’s young generation but also among kids and adults. The snapback hat, which is slightly similar to a baseball cap, has a variety of designs that are really cool and up-to-date. Guaranteed your appearance will be funkier with a snapback hat from aungcrowngreen which is very trendy. Plus, the prices are affordable and can be ordered anywhere. You just have to choose the products from this company online and they will deliver through a shipping process to your address.

The On-Trend Black Snapback Hat from AungcrownGreen

Introducing, the aungcrowngreen Black Snapback Hat (Black and Green Combination)

Is your fashion style casual and trendy? A snapback hat is perfect for casual look enthusiasts. This time, aungcrowngreen offers their latest snapback hat product called the black snapback hat. Not only for casual looks, but a black snapback hat is also suitable for both men and women (unisex). For more than 13 years of serving their customers around the world (Asia, Europe, United States, South America, and more), this aungcrowngreen black snapback hat will also be a core product.


In terms of color, black is a good choice because it can give the impression of elegance and minimalism. This color also tends to be neutral, so it is suitable to be combined with any outfit color. Not only black in color, this black snapback hat is combined with a calm green color, especially on the brim or visor and also on the buttons. The combination of these two colors is very harmonious and looks very attractive at a glance.


If you look closely, this black snapback hat bears the signature aungcrowngreen logo which is printed nicely with the words “AC GREEN”. Coupled with embroidery resembling a small number of eights embroidered sideways around the hat. Made by the hands of teams of experts and quality materials, and also at an affordable price. It’s a loss if you don’t buy it to add to your cool hat collections!


The Many Parts of a Snapback Hat

In addition, in terms of snapback hats and their many parts, all have a reason behind their design. Not only to make someone look stylish and cool, or to provide comfort and protection from the sun, the various parts of a snapback hat are committed to your overall hat-wearing experience.


So, for each part that makes up the structure of a snapback hat and the terms used to describe each part, it is important to know. Here are the main parts of a snapback hat that you should know before wearing it, especially this cool black snapback hat:

  • Brim/Visor— The brim of a snapback is the horizontal part that protrudes and circles at the base of the hat’s crown for sun protection.
  • Crown— The crown is the part of the hat above the brim/visor that covers the top of your head and also for sun protection.
  • Snapback— The adjustable plastic snap on the back of the hat adjusts the size of the hat.
  • Panels— Panels are the rounded structure of a hat made by joining 5 to 6 panels together by sewing them with thread.
  • Eyelets— Eyelets are round holes that are seamed near the top of each panel. It functions as a ventilation to make your head cool.
  • Button— The button is usually at the peak of the hat, and it is to cover the panels that are sewn together.
  • Sweatbands— A sweatband comes with all types of hats. It is the band of cloth that sits at the base of the crown and completely wraps around the inside of the panel. It is usually placed around the forehead to catch dripping sweat.

The On-Trend Black Snapback Hat from AungcrownGreen

Order Your Snapback Hat from One of the Best— A Product Review

Basically, a snapback hat is one of the icons of the fashion world and also a symbol of the hip-hop world. Therefore, having a snapback hat in your wardrobe is a must. Thus, this green and black snapback hat is just what you need right now.


Made from a brand that has worldwide customers, the aungcrowngreen black snapback hat is eco-friendly and suitable for use by anyone, short or tall, chubby or skinny. So, wherever and whenever you wear this black + green snapback hat, it will attract attention!


With a cool and good design, comes quality fabric that won’t disappoint customers. Therefore, read through a complete product review of this black snapback hat in more detail below. It would be worth buying and wearing for many fashion opportunities. So, what are the great features this green + black snapback hat offers?



Snapback hats have been popular since the 1990s among young people, men, and women, worldwide. Many top celebrities complete their appearance with this type of hat until today. Basically, regular hats and snapback hats do have the same function, mainly to protect the head from heat, but the shape and texture are different.


Furthermore, top dancers (K-Pop, hip hop, and its kind) use snapback hats for style and to support their appearance on stage. Other than that, snapbacks are worn by dancers to cover their messy hair. Mostly female dancers with messy hairstyles who take advantage of snapbacks like this. Also, snapback hats are also used for dance moves by doing some hat tricks that are really booming now among many professional modern dancers.


The Green + Black Snapback Hat Cool Design

The green and black snapback hat is a really cool, casual hat designed for both men and women. With such an attractive, colorful fusion of black + green, these colors are very eye-catching. Overall, it is a simple green and black snapback hat, but there’s more to it.


One type of accessory that can support one’s appearance is a snapback hat. Make this black snapback hat a complement to your accessories and your self-confidence will increase even more. When viewed from the combination of two colors that are very harmonious, with the simple and not excessive image design, this snapback looks expensive and stylish.


In terms of use, this snapback hat is very comfortable to wear all day. Your head and face will be protected if you have to do activities outside. Of course, with a stylish hat design and shape, make this black snapback hat to mix and match your outfit every day.


Fabric and Materials

Regenerated cotton twill— Cotton twill is a type of fabric made from cotton. This fabric is woven with a twill weave pattern so that it has special characteristics in the form of parallel diagonal patterns on its surface. The threads are packed very tightly, resulting in a strong, thick fabric. This weave is very suitable for snapback hats’ material. Of course, the cotton twill that aungcrowngreen uses isn’t just any regular fabric. This fabric has been regenerated beforehand resulting in much softer fiber and is considered good for reusable fabrics.


Digital printing— Digital printing is a method of giving patterns to fabrics with the help of digital machines, printing inks, and transferring paper. Fabric colors that are processed using printing techniques will look more detailed, be durable, and don’t wear off easily. The use of these high-tech machines has proven to be able to improve product quality, reduce labor costs and shorten production time. Thus, digital printing techniques with regenerated cotton twill are suitable for making snapback hats.


Logo Printing Techniques

Logo techniques— a digital printing and leather applique.


A great addition to the black snapback hat in terms of logo techniques with digital printing applications and detailed leather applique. Made from quality fabrics, this snapback hat will make the area around the logo and panel feel soft and not stiff. Currently, snapback hats with digital prints and appliques are a trend.



58 cm/22.83 inches— Using the right size of the hat will certainly make you more comfortable wearing it. This green and black snapback hat from aungcrowngreen has a hat size that fits the size of an adult’s head so that most people can wear it. Thus, the snapback hat comes with an adjustable plastic snap on the back to easily adjust the size of the head circumference.


The Back of the Closure/Plastic Snap

Closure— Adjustable Plastic Snap with Nylon Strap

Styled with an adjustable plastic snap with a green nylon strap, this black snapback hat is easy to adjust according to different head sizes, giving a snug and comfortable fit.


Snapback Tips for You— 6 Easy and Practical Ways to Take Care of Your Black Snapback Hat

The snapback hat design is the most common and widely used, either for heat protection or as a fashion accessory. Therefore, here are 6 easy and practical ways to care for your snapback hats, so they don’t break quickly:

  • Prepare cold water for washing— Using cold water to wash snapback hats is recommended. Avoid using warm or hot water, so that it doesn’t fade the color of the hat.
  • Manual wash and use a small brush— Never wash your snapbacks using a washing machine. Do it manually, by gently brushing the dirty sides of the hat using a small brush. This will not damage the hat fibers.
  • Give mild detergent— Don’t pour the detergent directly on your hat. Instead, dissolve the detergent in a bucket with cold water. Avoid soaking the hat for too long. Gently brush on the dirty parts.
  • Avoid drying under the direct sun— Let the hat air dry, instead of drying in a dryer or direct sunlight. Sun exposure will cause the color of the hat to fade.
  • Use a special perfume— Once the hat is 100% dry, spray it with a special perfume for hats to prevent bacteria in the fabric.
  • Store it in a safe place— Store the hat on a hat rack or a special box. Avoid stacking your hat with other things in order to make it durable and its shape doesn’t break.


The green and black snapback hat from aungcrowngreen is now ready in stock. Don’t hesitate to order today where the shipping process is easy. In addition, the company will ensure your order will ship out to your address in no time. If you have questions about purchases, prices, and shipments, don’t hesitate to take advantage of their friendly customer service.

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