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Snapback Hats – Cool Collections from aungcrowngreen

Snapback Hats - Cool Collections from aungcrowngreen 1

Whether covering up a bad day or finishing off your favorite outfit, a trusty hat is a classic item that deserves pride in everyone’s wardrobe. From fedoras to beanies, there are plenty of hats. But there’s no better option for the casual street style than snapback hats.


Not all hats are created equal, and there are a few other factors to consider when buying. First, understand that this headgear includes a hanging closure system, a rule we all share. Personalized hats are great for gifts and for everyone to wear. However, their manufacture from “traditional” materials can have a negative impact on the environment. So it’s good to choose an eco-friendly clothing brand.


If you want to create custom sustainable hats, looking for an eco-friendly snapback hat manufacturer is a good idea. You need to know how to choose the right hat for durable hats and custom products. So, are you still curious? If not, you’ll find that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the best hats, so read on.


What Are Snapback Hats?


Popularized by hip-hop stars like Tupac in the 90s, the snapback is one of the many types of baseball caps for men. It is named after the closure on the back. Unlike other hats, the size is determined by an adjustable strap that holds them together. It means it can be worn by anyone, regardless of head size. It usually has a flat top in a 6-panel design, though not always.


What Are the Key Features of Snapback Hats?


These days, you can find so many different styles of caps, dad hats, and trucker hats that it can be hard to tell which is right. So if you still don’t know what a hat is, here we’ve compiled a list of the unique features of some of the best eco-friendly clothing options for a great style of hat.


Adjustable Strap

When defining a hat, the type of back closure is the difference. The cover is made of plastic and can be adjusted by pressing the reverse button. The hat and the button on the back are adjustable, so it’s one size fits all. Fit caps usually don’t close, while paternity caps typically have a metal or buckle closure.


Brim or Bill

Traditional hats are flat and wide-brimmed. On the other hand, there are banknotes with round outlines in the style of dad hats (for reference).


The Front Panel

The original New Era hat had an 8-panel design, but today’s snapbacks have a 6-panel design, 7-panel, and 5-panel. The snapback also has a stiffer or textured front panel, allowing for an impressive design.



Although many snapbacks claim to be universal, they usually fit an average-sized head. Hats that are too loose or tight or cover your eyes or ears can be uncomfortable. How you wear is determined by the look you want to achieve. Hats are usually worn in front, back, or slightly to the side.


What Makes a Snapback Hat Sustainable?

Sustainable hats are made from natural (non-synthetic) materials or grown using natural and renewable processes.


Recycled Cotton

Cotton is a popular natural fiber in the textile industry because it is breathable and soft to the touch. However, high water consumption and pesticides are often used in traditional cotton crops, making standard cotton less environmentally friendly. Recycled cotton avoids wasting extra fibers and requires far fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton. It makes it a great sustainable option. Recycled cotton is a new product in our favorite market.


Recycled Polyester

Polyester is a popular and durable fabric for clothing. However, it is not biodegradable and consumes many energy and resources. Instead, recycled polyester is made from old plastic bottles made from fibers that are crushed and melted down to create a fabric called rPET, which is more environmentally friendly than conventional polyester. It uses 45% less energy than conventional polyester and does not rely on non-renewable energy sources such as oil for production. It can reduce CO2 emissions compared to regular polyester.


Types of Sustainable Snapback Hats

We’ve created a comprehensive directory of sustainable hats from the eco-friendly brand, aungcrowngreen. Check out our great options here or browse our famous spring and summer hats below.


Classic Snapback Hats

The classic hat has 5-7 panels on the crown and flat brim. These hats were popular with hip-hop singers in the 90s and Spike Lee in the 1990s and are still famous today.



Snapback Hats - Cool Collections from AungcrownGreen

Seven-Panel Flat Brim Snapback Hats

Many of you are looking for a hat that you can wear all year round. Then you won’t find a better casual option than the classic blue aungcrowngreen seven-panel hat. This bad boy is for you if you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable hat. If you’re looking for something subtle, this is it. Keeping it simple and clean is probably the best way to describe the graphics for this option. If you have a small head, you might think it looks too big, but it will fit beautifully. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s naturally breathable. It is one of the advantages of cotton fabric.


If there’s one thing everyone (mostly) can agree on, it’s that cotton is comfortable. This 100% cotton hat combines the feel and performance of natural materials. A very familiar hat with a classic seven-panel construction and a flat brim. Classic, elegant, and simple, this hat will appeal to those looking for something different.


WHO IT’S FOR: With its mesh back, this hat stretches perfectly for a just-right fit on every head. It’s the kind of hat that’ll stay pristine through seasons of BBQs, camping trips, and hikes, and the logo-less front makes it look so classic and cool. It is suitable for outdoor sports.


Snapback Hats - Cool Collections from AungcrownGreen

Six-Panel Flat Brim Hats

Keep your profile low. Otherwise, the sun may not reach your eyes. The green hat is the snapback baseball cap you’ve been looking for for a casual look for any season, event, or reason. Perfect foam patches and digital prints that do not fade over time. However, machine washing is not recommended, as washing in a washing machine will destroy the three-dimensional shape of the hat. Hand washing is recommended. The color in the photo is the color of the real object.


The elegant design reflects your unique dressing sense. High-quality stretch, soft, warm, comfortable, and fashionable, the best gift for your unique fashion sense. This six-panel flat brim cap is made of soft cotton, and its superior quality and lightness make the baseball cap more comfortable on the head, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.


The printed piece has a digitally restored canvas print that makes the pattern more vivid. The part that comes in contact with the skin is made of high-quality pure cotton, which is soft and does not irritate the skin. The suture material is nylon. High-quality material for everyone to share and more options for hat lovers


WHO IT’S FOR: The overall style is casual and fashionable. And is good for sports like baseball and Golf. With its timeless design—there’s no better way to cover up your bedhead before you run out for your morning workout.


Snapback Hats - Cool Collections from AungcrownGreen

Flat Cap with Five Panels on the Back

Like the structured 5-panel cap, this mesh back has no seams in the front. As with all mesh hats, it’s perfect for summer as the mesh promotes airflow through the hat. The flat mesh snapback 5-panel cap is made with a digital print of reversible cotton fiber foam + black regenerated mesh fabric, perfect for everyday routine. After all, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in this regard. The cotton core is naturally comfortable. As you can see in the picture, this flat brim hat comes with a flat brim.


WHO IT’S FOR: Simple, classic, and complete with the iconic aungcrowngreen logo (ethical cap manufacturers), this is a hat that works for every kind of guy. Also, the hat is made of durable cotton. So there are great chances you’ll keep it for years. It is best for all your outdoor activities.


Snapback Hats - Cool Collections from AungcrownGreen

Camo Mesh Snapback Hat

They are sometimes confused with trucker hats because they can look very similar. However, mesh hats typically use a hard material front instead of the foam front you see on trucker hats. The aungcrowngreen logo is lined on the front of this snapback, so keep that in mind. Like all hats, this is a complete pattern that can be customized. Like many other outfits, aungcrowngreen designed the hat in black 3D cutout embroidery with woven tags. It also has a hood that wicks sweat away from the skin for better breathability.


The very comfortable hat is made of recycled polyester and mesh. Some users even call it the most comfortable hat they’ve ever worn. It is just a standard hat and is made with a flat brim. This snapback hat from aungcrowngreen is one of the best options because you need it to use everywhere.


WHO IT’S FOR: The hat comes with a wicking headband that wicks away moisture to keep you dry and cool, it’s the perfect thing to throw on with your go-to joggers and tee.



Snapback Hats - Cool Collections from AungcrownGreen

Adjustable Snapback Hats

Create trends without wasting time chasing them. That’s why this adjustable aungcrowngreen hat is made just for you. An updated digital print on canvas exudes understated style. Style it with trousers, a button-down shirt, or a blazer. This adjustable hat will be your must-have for various outdoor events. This is mainly due to the existing network deployed.


From day one, this hat will look like it’s been worn for years. As mentioned above, thanks to the 5-piece flat cover, you can use it in various situations. It ensures sufficient airflow over the head. In addition to the mesh back to prevent overheating, the front panel is also cotton for comfort. The mesh back and simple graphics make it suitable for all outdoor events.


WHO IT’S FOR: The classic swoosh, the cool color option, the timeless design—there’s no better way to cover up your bedhead before you run out for your morning workout and outdoor sports.


How Do I Clean My Snapback Hat?

To keep your hat longer, you can start by taking precautions to prevent them from getting too dirty. It includes keeping them in a hat box and brushing or brushing quickly after each wear. You can also use a hair roller. In the event of an accident, the best way to clean your snapback is to use cold and soapy water. Gently scrub the stain with a soft toothbrush or clean cloth, then allow it to air dry. Putting the hat in the dryer seems more convenient, but it can ruin the hat’s shape. So be patient.


How Do I Wear a Snapback Hat?

Although a casual accessory, the best hats are more versatile than you think. Worn forward, backward, or tilted in any direction. Pair it with athleisure when working out at the gym, or pair it with a tank top, t-shirt, and chinos for casual wear. Don’t forget to pack for your next vacation. There is no better accessory than snapback hats after sunglasses to protect you from the summer sun.



Whether island surfing or lounging around town, wearing a hat is no easy task for discreet hats. Adjustable, versatile, and stylish, this generation of classic baseball caps has earned a reputation and keeps coming. Whether you prefer bold designs(cropped, anyone?) minimal neutrals, or a giant logo and brand on the front, a hat that appeals to your sense of style is the best. And choosing from use will also be your first step towards eco-friendly clothing.

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