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Rock Your Style With aungcrowngreen and White 6-Panel Snapback Hat

Rock Your Style With aungcrowngreen and White 6-Panel Snapback Hat

aungcrowngreen— A Trusted 6-Panel Snapback Cap Hat Factories

As one of the best and popular, 6-panel snapback cap hat factories, aungcrowngreen is a superior fashion product from Shenzhen, China which is founded and worn by young people. The business concept of aungcrowngreen is to offer green fashion at the best quality and prices in a sustainable way. What’s more, their hat products are made from scratch and have been shipped to various regions in the world (United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and many more) for more than 20 years now.


The 6-panel snapback hat is an icon of urban style and is considered a symbol of hip-hop and youth fashion globally. Some top celebrities rocking the snapback hats include Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, BTS, and more. So, keep on reading, and don’t miss out on the chance to own a trendy snapback hat from one of the best 6-panel snapback cap hat factories.


In the meantime, what’s with the “green” concept of this particular snapback hats and apparel factory? Hearing the term “green” leads to environmental care whereas aungcrowngreen strongly supports “eco-fashion”.  That encourages this factory to make their products from recycled materials (i.e. recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton, etc.), using environmentally friendly materials, to natural dyes.


What are some factors that make aungcrowngreen a trusted factory?


Guaranteed Product Quality

A good characteristic of a trusted hat factory lies in the products they offer. We can find out whether the hat products sold are of guaranteed quality or not based on several criteria:

  • From the hat materials being used.
  • The cleanliness of the stitches.
  • The creativity in the hat design.


If you have trouble checking these three things, you can check one of them. At a minimum, you can tell which hat stitches are neat and which ones are not. If the price of the product is not too expensive and the stitching is good, then the product is produced by a good and trusted factory. On the other hand, if the stitches are not neat, then the factory produces low-grade hats.


Open-Up with Customers

To find a trusted snapback hat factory, it will be open to answer all questions from the customers. Most customers would want to know the raw materials and types of machines used to produce snapback hats. For this type of question, aungcrowngreen answers with honesty. They would also provide videos of the production process, which makes it a trustworthy manufacturer. So, whatever questions you have regarding production, quality, shipment, and so on, don’t hesitate to ask. This manufacturer will reply to their customers’ questions one by one.


Better Media Management

Having an active website and social media is very useful to support the promotion of every product, as well as the company’s branding process. aungcrowngreen manages its company’s social media very well. They update the information regularly, display discounts and promo programs once in a while, and serve good media communications to all customers.


Serve Customers to the Max

Another good characteristic of a trustworthy hat factory can then be seen in their services to their customers. As the saying goes, “the buyer is king”— the factory will prioritize the interests of the buyer as much as possible. The most significant thing that can show how good a company’s customer service is, in terms their communication and commitment.


The Green and White Snapback with 6 Panel from aungcrowngreen is a Trend

Not only one of the successful 6-panel snapback cap hat factories, aungcrowngreen has also successfully sold various kinds of apparel, mainly the 6-panel snapback hat, which is their best seller. Now, one of their creative snapback design creations is being traded online.  Check out the product reviews in detail below. It would be worth buying for many reasons.


The green and white snapback from aungcrowngreen is fresh, beautifully printed, and stylish. If you’re from the younger generation and a fashion enthusiast (male or female), this 6-panel snapback hat is for you. This snapback hat can be combined with various clothing and is perfect to complete your casual look.


With the aungcrowngreen logo printed on the front of the hat, it fits perfectly with the addition of printed Asian leaves just under it. In addition, this green and white snapback edition is multifunctional. The front of the hat is designed to protect the eyes from the sun. Hence, this snapback hat is also a hip-hop type of hat that is a trend amongst not only celebrities and dancers but common people as well. Because of its eco-friendly apparel concept, aungcrowngreen is worth getting into one of the best 6-panel snapback cap hat factories in the world.


So, what other great features does the green and white snapback offer?

Rock Your Style With AungcrownGreen and White 6-Panel Snapback Hat

aungcrowngreen “Green and White 6 Panel Snapback Hat”— A Complete Product Description



Due to its worldwide popularity, the use of snapback hats is very common. Many fashion activists or celebrities complete their appearance with this type of hat. There are 4 main uses for wearing this 6-panel snapback hat, including:

  • Hair protection— If you have dry hair, split hairs at the ends, or other problems, you can wear the snapback to cover.
  • Avoid sun glare— The green and white snapback helps block direct sun glare.
  • Makes hair look neat— The use of snapback hats for daily activities brings the benefit of maintaining the neatness of the hair.
  • Rock your confidence— This snapback hat design lets you rock your casual style and be more confident.


A Cool Hat with Super Cool Design

The green and white snapback is a cool, casual hat design with such attractive color fusion choices suitable for every occasion. Besides having a more modern and stylish look, the visor of the hat is straight and stiff, so it doesn’t bend easily. There is also a small hook hole on the back which serves to adjust the width of the hat according to the shape of the user’s head.


This cool, casual 6-panel snapback hat design and attractive color choices make this hat so fashionable. Add coolness to your casual look while protecting your head from the heat. The hat can be adjusted to all head sizes with the adjustable straps on the back of the hat.


What’s even cooler is that this snapback hat is made with good materials, so that the quality will not decrease even though it is always exposed to the sun. This is one of the most popular snapbacks today, because of its simple model and a little ornament on the front of the hat. Thus, you can easily mix and match with all your outfits for various activities daily.


Fabric and Materials

Regenerate canvas digital printing— Canvas fabric is a kind of factory-made fabric that has thick and very strong fibers. This material was originally used to make paintings. In its development, canvas fabrics are now used to make materials for bags, shoes, jackets, tents, hats, and various accessories.


With this specific green and white snapback, digital printing is used in the production process.  At aungcrowngreen, this technique is being used, since the motifs produced are more diverse.  In addition, the use of digital printing for fabric products also results in maximum color sharpness and cleaner motif details.


When compared to screen printing techniques, digital printing is indeed more practical and easy. Hence, this product is specifically sold at an affordable price, and even cheaper than any company. So, what more great features this product has to offer?


Logo Printing Techniques

Digital label / Digital printing— The label on the green and white snapback is digitally printed using a digital printing machine. Digital printing, operates, in that the image file enters the machine and is printed directly onto the hat. Compared to hats that are screen printed, hats that are printed have many advantages.


The advantages of digital printing on a 6-panel snapback hat:

  • Full Color Printing and Water Resistant— Not only acquire full color, but the print is also waterproof. So, if the hat gets wet due to the rain, it’s not a problem. If the hat is dirty you can wash it like you would a normal laundry.
  • High Print Color Accuracy— The full-color printout doesn’t fade out. The color result is similar to the original design. In addition, the details of the prints are visible, so you can create complex designs.
  • Unique and Attractive Design— Full-color prints, high color accuracy, and clear visible details will make the hat look unique and attractive.
  • Environmentally Friendly— It is said to be environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use too much paper. The amount of paper can be adjusted, so that it is not excessive and wasted.



58 cm/22.83 inches— The green and white snapback hat can be adjusted to all head sizes with the available straps on the back of the hat. Finding the perfect hat isn’t just about style and function. Finding the right hat size is also important. This is because wearing a hat with the right size will help enhance your facial structure and complement your outfit. Therefore, this snapback hat is the right size that will make you feel comfortable wearing it.


Snapback Extender/Back of Closure

Two-color and single-row plastic buckle— The snapback extender is a two-colored plastic buckle. It is a single row with a simple design that is practical and useful. Made of high-quality material, they are durable and long-lasting.


Fabric Description

Recycled cotton prevents extra textile waste and is significantly less resource-intensive than conventional or organic cotton. This makes it an excellent sustainable alternative. This product is made with recycled canvas. The structured 6-panel crown is made of medium-weight woven fabric.


Old cotton clothes can now be recycled. Textile waste can be converted into new fibers thanks to cellulose smelting technology. Cotton that is no longer suitable for reuse can be dissolved to make a cellulose solution, which can be turned into new fibers. This new production technique is much more environmentally friendly. In addition, the hat is lightweight, wrinkle-free, quick-drying, and also durable, thanks to the fabrics that are used.


Selling Points

  • Recycled beaded canvas— The advantage of using canvas material for making hats is that the hat looks sturdy and structured, so it looks more attractive and neat.
  • Recycled plastic brim— The brim of the hat is made of recycled plastic, so it is very easy and comfortable to use. Usually, snapback hats are worn with the brim facing back. However, you can also do a hip-hop look with the brim facing to the side. The shape of the brim of the hat is flatter and not curved.
  • Six-piece structured flat cap— Structured hats usually have a buckram back that joins to make the crown of the cap stand up. A structured hat doesn’t require support because the fused buckram acts as a stabilizer. The six-piece custom-structured hat will show off the logo better as it will retain its shape.
  • Adjustable closure with plastic buckle— The snapback hat cover is made of plastic and is adjusted by the flick of a button on the back. This is what makes snapback hats adjustable and suitable for all head sizes (one size fits all).
  • Digitally printed logo + front page digitally printed— The presentation of the latest technology in the printing world will certainly have a positive impact on various printing tasks. Surely the results obtained will be faster, time-saving, and more affordable.
  • Sweat-wicking headband— The elastic sweatband with sweat-wicking and cooling performance is mainly designed to soothe or moisturize your scalp.

The green and white snapback, 6-panel snapback hat from aungcrowngreen is now ready in stock. Don’t hesitate to order one wherever you are, because the shipping process is easy. Thus, they will ensure your order will ship out to your address on time. Order now before it runs out of stock!

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