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Meet the 5-Piece Flat Mesh Hat

Meet the 5-Piece Flat Mesh Hat

The 5-piece flat mesh cap can be defined with one word: freedom. This product is characterized by having a very simple, but fresh style. With a classic design, where anyone could wear it. Not only because of its quality but also because it matched all kinds of casual outfits.


Why are they so popular nowadays? This model is a flat-brim snapback hat made to look different from others. aungcrowngreen is the brand responsible for this design, which we will talk about next.

Meet the 5-Piece Flat Mesh Hat
Why use a 5-piece flat-brim snapback hat?


The first thing to note about a 5-piece fitted flat-brimmed hat is its simplicity. This model may be seen as something neutral in a showcase, but it actually offers more. One of its most sought-after features is its classic structure. Perfect to wear in a casual environment, for both men and women. This style was widely used by a very particular community: truckers. They are known as trucker caps for being the favorite of these drivers of big trucks on long roads.


Their design was phenomenal thanks to the high levels of ventilation offered by their mesh design on the back. A grille with several holes was where the wind passed through to cool the wearers. This particular model, designed and launched by aungcrowngreen has many features that we must share. Here are the most important details of this casual wear accessory:

Casual Wear

The 5-piece flat mesh cap has a casual style because of its classic and simple design. It matches perfectly with a jean jacket, denim pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, or t-shirt. Its wide range of options makes it easy to match with almost any type of garment.


Colors with Personality

aungcrowngreen presents a design that combines two tones with personality: black and blue. This union allows you to have a casual accessory, perfect for all occasions. Totally neutral, when it deserves it, or fun and cheerful if you wish.


For All Tastes

This fitted flat-brim hat goes perfectly with all tastes, styles, colors, and genders. Being unisex, it doesn’t matter who you are, just slip on and wear a fabulous aungcrowngreen garment. Day, night, winter, or summer, this 5-piece flat mesh cap is the garment you’ve been waiting to wear all along.


Ecologically Made

aungcrowngreen is known for being a brand committed to the well-being of its customers, without compromising the environment. That’s why the 5-piece snapback flat-brim hat has been manufactured with an innovative digital printing technique of regenerated cotton twill. That is, it has taken raw materials from other recycled items and products to manufacture it.


Regarding the mesh fabric, it has also been regenerated from other items and its shade has been transformed to black. The back of the cap has a plastic buckle fastening system, also in black single-row. The label has been woven with the brand’s logo to mark its position over imitations and maintain its seal of quality.


Adjustable Dimensions

The 5-piece flat mesh cap is 58 centimeters/22.83 inches in diameter. However, thanks to its buckle adjustment system, you can adjust it to the size of your choice. Creating a whole system of security and protection on your head, no matter the size.


Digitally Printed Logo

The brand logo has been printed on the fabric under a digital printing technique on the front of the cap. Its label has been woven to give it a more original style with full personality.


These features highlight the 5-piece flat mesh cap manufactured by aungcrowngreen. A product made with quality, resistance, and totally fashionable. In addition, it matches perfectly with any casual style that both men and women want to wear.


What is a snapback flat-brim hat?

A flat-brim snapback hat is a model of cap that combines a flat visor and a snapback adjustment system. It can be either by using a buckle or by means of a buckle fastener. Not all snapback models are flat-brimmed or vice versa.


This style has been combined to highlight a classic 5-piece flat mesh cap fashion used in the 1980s. It was popular among bands of the time, who enjoyed a very liberal style. In addition, the fame led them to be the image of these caps sponsored by top brands of the time.


It was also known as a tight flat-brimmed hat and because of the way to secure it to the head, it was through a pressure system. This goes on the back of the cap, making it easy to adjust to the different head dimensions of the buyers. This undoubtedly minimized the number of costs when producing them.


Snapback Flat-Brim Hat Made from Recycled Materials

aungcrowngreen is a leading brand in manufacturing clothing accessories made from recycled materials. The 5-piece flat mesh snapback hat is no exception, so its design also has a hidden story.


The brand has developed this product with recycled cotton twill, a material extracted from additional textile waste. That is, from other pieces that are left over and usually discarded in the environment. For example, conventional and organic cotton, both of which give off materials that the fashion industry removes.


aungcrowngreen uses these textile wastes to make new pieces such as the fitted flat-brimmed hat. In addition, the process of reusing these pieces merits a much smaller investment of time, effort, money, and energy. The brand has become a sustainable production company in the world.


On the other hand, the 5-piece flat mesh cap features a fully recycled plastic brim. This is done by using already-used plastic containers with certain special components so that they can be reused and molded according to the design.


At aungcrowngreen, you are ensuring a planet-friendly purchase. Its work to design and manufacture a flat-brim snapback hat from recycled materials is a great contribution to the sea, cleaning its oceans of unusable plastics. In addition, it reuses and applies recycling techniques to make the most of the waste left behind by the textile and fashion industry.


Why use a snapback flat-brim hat?

The snapback flat-brim hat has become a must-have accessory for men and women. The advantage of using this product, beyond being protected from the sun, is simply fashioned with personality. Anyone has a model at home, but only those who value the environment and the quality of their products have one manufactured by aungcrowngreen.


Wearing this piece is undoubtedly a privilege, because of what the brand represents in the market. People of different ages wear a 5-piece flat mesh cap on their heads because they feel comfortable, cool, and fashionable. This accessory is the signature of a style that communities adopt to wear to parties, concerts, sports activities, and among others. Its vibe is distinctly urban, so wearing it represents that unique attitude of authority, presence, and strength. The flat-brim snapback hat is a cap with very simple characteristics: the first one is that its visor is totally flat.


It is versatile because it can be worn to play sports, be a spectator from a distance, or just be fashionable. The best thing is that the wide variety allows us to start a collection of fitted flat-brim hats. With the logo of your favorite team, a phrase that motivates you, or a particular brand like aungcrowngreen.


A snapback flat-brim hat is designed with recycled materials, which is why it has its own personality. It’s simple, yet aesthetically pleasing; lightweight, yet punchy; and comfortable, yet fitted. It’s everything you’re looking for in an accessory for your head.


It’s a fact that the fitted flat-brim hat looks neater and firmer. Its finish stands out more than other designs or styles. It is perfect for that special occasion when you are looking for comfort, coolness, and confidence in every step you take. It will make you look carefree and confident all the time.


How much does it cost to make a snapback flat-brim hat?

For manufacturers like aungcrowngreen, the cost of making a snapback flat-brim hat is low. One of the main reasons is that it uses recycled materials taken from plastic and used cotton.

Each of the pieces that make up a 5-piece flat-brimmed hat has a piece of plastic taken from the sea. Its adjustment system, or lock on the back, is also economical because the system adjusts to different dimensions.


Although it is economical to produce, the quality does not drop in any of its parts. The flat visor is made from recycled plastic, and the mesh and the buckle are all within an economical budget cover. The sweat-absorbing tape and digital printing of the logo are part of a process that helps save the planet.


aungcrowngreen is one of the sustainable fashion brands, which bets on the design and manufacture of pieces from recycled plastic. This has led to a reduction not only in the economic aspect but also in the pollution of seas and oceans.


Is the 5-piece flat mesh cap for casual use only?

aungcrowngreen offers a wide variety of 5-piece flat mesh cap lines, where colors, styles, and designs vary. This particular one is recommended for casual occasions, due to its structure and colors.


It combines the black tone with blue, which represents a neutral elegance, but with authority. That is to say, it combines with different clothes, not very formal, but not so informal either. It is perfect to go to an outdoor party and wear a nice comfortable jacket.


Or if it’s summer, you can wear it to a basketball, golf, baseball, or any other game. You can even wear it to play sports because of its advantages. It is a cap made to look good and feels confident in every position.


How to wash a 5-piece flat mesh cap?

The process for washing this type of cap is very careful. Considering that it is a product made from recycled materials, with fine details that we must preserve. The first thing is to avoid damaging or deteriorating it every time you use it.


Avoid wearing it in extreme situations or where you know there will be a lot of mud, dirt, or very powerful pollutants. For its maintenance, the ideal is to use a toothbrush, new or used, but it must be clean when washing your cap.


It is recommended to clean the cap after each posture, or at least once a week. Use a neutral soap and rub any stains that appear on the surface. Do this carefully until a lather is formed. Use cold water to accompany the cleaning.


Never put a snapback or any other style of flat-brimmed hat in the washer or dryer. The process should be completely manual and air-dry. Sun is not recommended, at least not at all on the piece. You can mix wind-drying and sun-drying.


Finally, when you are not wearing your 5-piece flat mesh cap, store it in a cool place. Let it ventilate by itself and when you use it again, it will not have a bad smell. Try not to fold it and when you don’t have it on your head, place it in a safe place where nothing will land on it.

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