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How to Wash Your Clothes Correctly?

How to Wash Your Clothes Correctly

Laundry and dry clothes are what we do almost every day, but do we wash our clothes in the right way? It’s shown that doing laundry and drying clothes need scientific ways. Some clothes fade after several times it’s not a matter of the quality of the clothes, it’s a matter of how we wash them.

How to wash different types of clothes?

How to Wash Your Clothes Correctly?

  1. T-Shirts

A T-shirt is an essential item in everyone’s closet. No matter the young or the old, a t-shirt is versatile and fashionable, but t-shirt lovers know that a cotton t-shirt reduces its lifespan after many washing times. In general, as for a cotton t-shirt, we can wash it after wearing it three or four times decreasing the friction of clothes, but not recommended for sweaty people. When washing a t-shirt, choosing a cool water wash can save time as well as not hurt it.

How to Wash Your Clothes Correctly?

  1. Cashmere Cardigans

A cashmere cardigan is a must-have item in the winter wardrobe. Lightweight and warm at the same time. However, it’s better not to wash cashmere cardigans frequently because the lifespan of a cashmere cardigan depends on the washing times, the less the better. After wearing a cashmere cardigan eight or nine times, machine wash or hand wash with 30℃/86℉ water. Here is a tip about how to care better. When washing a cashmere cardigan, add a few conditioners to protect cashmere. In the end, never throw dry a cashmere cardigan, it’s better to use clean towels to absorb water and then lay it flat to dry.

How to Wash Your Clothes Correctly?

  1. Leather Outfits

Leather outfits are the favorite clothes of young people. Whether women or men, they all love leather outfits, but most of them don’t know the correct way to wash. When we buy leather outfits, we need to put caring oil on the surface of the leather outfits to extend the lifespans. The best frequency of washing leather outfits is once a season. Using professional leather detergent each time for all details of leather outfits. Finally, hang leather outfits in dry and ventilated places to avoid sunlight. Never bend or fold leather outfits.

How to Wash Your Clothes Correctly?

  1. Down Jackets

If your down jacket is dirty partly, it’s not suggested to wash the whole down jacket, and it’s suggested to adopt part wash to clean the dirty parts. There are 3 steps of part wash. First, use a sponge to dip detergent or soap water to swipe the dirty parts. Second, use a cotton swab or a wet towel to dip 75% alcohol to swipe repeatedly. Third, use a dry towel to clean.


If your down jacket is too dirty and completely needs the whole wash, the best way to wash it is hand wash. Firstly, put your down jacket soak in cool water for 20 minutes to let the down jacket completely get wet. Secondly, add the detergent into 30℃/86℉ water to stir well, then soak the down jacket for about 15 minutes. Thirdly, take the down jacket out and lay it on a flat broad, then use a soft brush to dip the detergent to brush it from inner to outer gently. Fourthly, use your hand to squeeze it in water overall until it’s clean. Wash the down jacket until most water is clean and then rinse it in cleansed water for several times to remove the detergent residue. Finally, squeeze the water out of the down jacket from top to down, then dry it.


Please note that never pull the collar of the down jacket out of the water and wash it back and forth, otherwise, the inner down will get stuck leading to deformation. After drying, slightly slap the down jacket to make it puff and soft again.


Six Wash And Dry Misconceptions. Have You Been Hit?


  1. Saving clothes to wash together

For those who only wash their clothes, they always want to save enough clothes and wash them after several days. But in this way, the result is that mold can grow more and more. It’s a great place for mold to grow if the laundry bucket is wet or dirty. What’s more, wet clothes caused by sweat are much easier to mold. If put with other clothes, the polluted scale will be bigger and the speed of mold growth will be faster. Another disadvantage of this way is that with the increase of clothes, detergent can not cover all the clothes evenly so clothes are not easy to wash cleanly.

Suggested: Each time when wash clothes, don’t fill the washing machine. It’s advised that clothes occupy not more than 70% volume of the washing machine’s inner tube.


  1. Dressing new clothes without washing them

Some people like to dress in new clothes without washing. They ignore a serious problem that new clothes may have formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can irritate the problems of the respiratory tract and skin, leading to tearing, sore throat, and other reactions, even causing allergy reactions, such as rash, itching, etc.


Suggested: It’s better to wash with water for once with new clothes or under sunlight, especially for underwear that closely connects to our body and children’s clothes.


  1. Wash with laundry detergent and soap together

When washing clothes, if the cuff or collar is dirty, people like to apply soap on the dirty place. They think this can increase stain removal ability when washing with laundry detergent. But it’s wrong. Soap is weakly alkaline and laundry detergent is weakly acidic. If used together, acid and base will neutralize each other, then the function of acid/base will be decreased so that the cleaning ability will be lower.


Suggested: The right way to clean dirty cuffs and collars is to use one laundry detergent and apply more on the dirty places.


  1. Apply detergent without a guide

It’s believed that applying more laundry detergent can wash clothes much cleaner, but it’s wrong. When laundry detergent and water reach saturation, the laundry detergent cannot add to the cleaning ability. It’s effective and appropriate to use laundry detergent on how much water is used when washing clothes.


Suggested 1: 500 when using hand wash, for example, 5 liters of water needs 10 mL of laundry detergent. 1: 1000 for machine wash, for example, 30 liters of water needs 30 mL of laundry detergent.


  1. Long soaked time

Most people like to soak clothes after showering or bathing. Sometimes the clothes can be soaked overnight and they believe that after soaking the clothes will be washed much cleaner. If the soaking time is too long, although the dirt on the clothes can be dissolved more, it’s very easy to get stink smelling by the dirt that cannot drain out. If it keeps for a long time, it’s very easy to get the fabric of the clothes old and fading.


Suggested: It’s suggested to soak dirty clothes for 15 minutes, even a little thick clothes, it’s better not more than 30 minutes.


  1. Not dry on time.

It’s normal to wash clothes in the morning and dry them at night after working with office workers. Wet clothes in the washing machine tube can easily grow bacteria, if in hot and stuffy summer, it’s much easier to get the clothes polluted.


Suggested: It’s better to dry clothes in half an hour after the wash is done. If the clothes that are cleaned stay in the washing machine for more than one hour, it’s recommended to wash them again.

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