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History of Bucket Hats

bucket hats

The bucket hat appeared in 1900. In the beginning, bucket hats were made with wool felt or tweed cloth that were protection hats for Irish farmers and fishermen when they went out or worked. Because of the folding, easy-care, and easy-clean design, these bucket hats were quickly popular at that time. In the 1960s, the members of Mod subculture often wore bucket hats which became a stylish trend at that time. Nowadays, these lightweight bucket hats have become popular among most people for use in sports such as fishing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

What is a  bucket hat?

  • Shape

A bucket hat (including fisherman’s hats, Irish country hats, and session hats) is a hat with a narrow and downward-sloping brim in shapes. Typically, the hat is made from heavy-duty cotton fabric such as denim or canvas, sustainable materials, or heavy wool such as tweed, sometimes with metal/embroidery/plastic eyelets placed on the crown of the hat for better ventilation.

  • Features

In general, bucket hats are foldable and lightweight, and have sun protection in some way. Sometimes, bucket hats are designed with adjustable chin straps to fit in place and adjust by your head circumference.  The classic bucket hat is solid colors or with some patterns on it. The foldable design is convenient to carry out in a pocket. The downward-sloping brim can protect you from strong sunlight, winds, and sand.


Bucket Hats-Fashion Accessory

When were bucket hats adopted as a high fashion item?

In the 1960s, bucket hats became a high fashion item, covering both street fashion and the catwalk. With the development of bucket hats, it gradually became a popular festival outfit, known as a “session hat” and is favored by almost everyone, no matter whether kids or adults.

Nowadays, bucket hats have become a must-have fashion item in daily life. You can see it everywhere and because of the easy-matching and fashionable design, bucket hats never get out of the fashion industry.


aungcrowngreen Sustainable Bucket Hats

This aungcrowngreen bucket hat is made with reworked dyed canvas material that is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, reducing our planet’s burden. Also, a great way to protect our environment in daily life. No matter how small the environmentally friendly step you make, the final will be a big step for our planet.


Classic and Sustainable Style

History of Bucket Hats

This green bucket hat is designed with digitally printed(leaves) in green colors to a sense of eco-friendliness. With white letters on the front that contrast strongly with green colors, this green bucket hat is sustainable, simple, classic, and fashionable.

Sweet, Vacation, and Cute Style

History of Bucket Hats

This yellow bucket hat is designed with sun and black letters on the front, and black “ shark vibes on the back.  With a typical downward-sloping brim and excellent sewings, this bucket hat is a combined sense of fashion, vacation, and sweetness that can create different looks, such as casual looks, vacation looks, adorable looks, sweet looks, daily looks, etc. Easily match with tank tops, strapless tops, camisoles, short pants, etc.

Cool Street Style

History of Bucket Hats

This burgundy bucket hat is unisex both for women and men. With a mini person playing ball on the front and white letters on the side, this bucket hat is burgundy color and white color contrast that adds a sense of cool and hip-hop styles to create different looks such as street looks, hip-pop looks, street dancer looks, cool girl/boy looks, and more. Made with sustainable materials that are eco-friendly.

Casual Patchwork Style

History of Bucket Hats

This patchwork bucket hat is adopted sustainable material that is environmentally friendly. With exquisite stitching in the middle and white seamed parts, this bucket hat also features strong color contrasts in black, white, and red that provide a strong visual feeling. Can easily match with a casual jacket and loose shorts to create a casual and simple look.

Simple Sports Style

History of Bucket Hats

This black bucket hat is styled in cozy, sustainable, and eco-friendly material. Designed in a chic and casual finish, this aungcrowngreen bucket hat also features a stitching label on the front, with metal eyelets placed on the side of the hat for better ventilation. The adjustable chin straps can make this simple bucket hat fix on your head no matter how strong the wind is. The wide brim can protect you from strong sunlight and sand on sunny/windy days. Suitable for all outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, climbing mountains, beach salons, vacations, riding, etc.

Younger and Energetic Style

History of Bucket Hats

This aungcrowngreen sustainable bucket hat is a simple black color and white color contrast, with a black-white band stitching between the crown and brim, adding a sense of simplicity and fashion. Can easily match with a yellow baggy pullover shirt and a short pleated skirt to create a casual, younger, energetic,  and fashionable look.

Shop with aungcrowngreen Sustainable Bucket Hats, and start your new journey in protecting our environment. Each step is important.

In order to reach a greener world, we need to work together.

Sustainable clothing is nearby and do it right away.

Suitable Occasions/Festival

A must-have bucket hat is suitable for most occasions such as hiking, camping, shopping, driving, beach salons, vacations, workplaces, schools, and other outdoor activities. Also, a nice gift choice for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, Children’s Day, Back to School Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year, Thanksgiving, and other holidays.


Fabric Care(Bucket Hat Wash Ways)

First Method:

  1. Put hand wash detergent to cover all the dirty places of your bucket hat, stay for 5 minutes, start washing gently with your hand, then add normal clothes washing detergent.
  2. If you cannot remove the dirt on your hat after the process above. Please place your hat into a basin, the dirty part is at the bottom of the basin. Use colorful clothes detergent(600g), take ¼ lid(10g) of colorful clothes detergent and ¼ lid(10g) collar detergent on the dirty place, covering with clean parts in case of drying, stay for 2 hours, then bleach. If after 2 hours the dirt is still on your hat, you can extend the stay time, even overnight.

Pay Attention: Colorful clothes detergent is not suitable for fading fabric and dry-wash fabric. Avoid touching metal buttons, zips, decorations, etc. Avoid direct sunlight.

Second Method:

  1. Put your bucket hat into hot water for about 20 minutes.
  2. Put neutral non-addictive detergent in another hot water and then mix them evenly. Use a professional brush or toothbrush to clean your hat with this water.
  3. Wash your hat under running water.
  4. Dry the hat by putting some clothes inside or putting a blowing balloon inside to shape the shape. Do not use a hair dryer to dry, otherwise, the hat will shrink.
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