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Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a hat with a crown top, a stiff bill on the front, and an adjustable closure at the back. Sometimes with embroidery/metal holes placed on the crown of the hat.

Here are the basic examples of baseball caps.

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

This young lady creates a casual and neutral look with a little business look. With a short-sleeved summer blazer in the outer and a ruching and ruffled bandeau top in the inner, she stands out in the crowd. What’s more, this black baseball cap is a highlighted spot for her and can add a combined sense of casual and business style. Also can add a little masculine feeling to neutralize the sexy femininity caused by the cropped bandeau top. A perfect match with one piece of double-layer necklace, a wristwatch, and a baseball cap with the whole outfit.

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

This casual look is combined with one piece of ripped tight long jeans, a pair of colorful canvas shoes, a dark green jacket, a black backpack, a white simple t-shirt, and a white baseball cap. The combination of so many colors, the whole look doesn’t feel scruffy. All colors match each other perfectly with this white baseball cap, echoing the inner white t-shirt and the white part of the canvas shoes.

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

This cool girl wears almost all-black outfits to show her attitude. With this solid color-black baseball cap, this girl enhances her cool look. The black glasses and the black baseball cap cover half of her face which makes her cooler and more mysterious.


With the above examples, you can tell how important and usual baseball caps are in fashion.  Baseball caps do play a very important role in fashion. No matter how you dress, baseball caps are a choice that never goes wrong and can even be a highlight spot for the whole outfit.


How to choose a baseball cap?

So adding baseball caps to your closet is a significant step for fashion but how to choose a baseball cap? Here are some suggestions.


Choose a Curved Brim

 Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

There are 2 kinds of brims, curved brims and flat brims. Compared with flat brims, curved brims are more daily and suitable for most people. At the same time, a wide and curved brim can let your face look smaller and the forehead will be explored more. So starting with curved-brim baseball caps is never wrong. As for flat brims, this brim is very picky about characters and the overall look. It’s deadly dull or abrupt when putting it on the head. With appropriate makeup or overall look, flat-brim baseball caps can add a sense of cool feelings. It’s popular among hip-hop singers and rock singers. If you want flat-brim baseball caps totally, you can try to put them backward, and they look great sometimes.


The Width of A Baseball Cap

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

A perfect-fit baseball hat can be a fashionable accessory for you. An inappropriate-sized baseball hat can down your overall look and add a sense of dullness. Base on both sides of the brim, then refer to your cheekbones to choose the width of a hat. If the brim is wider than your cheekbones, the hat can make your face look slimmer. If the brim is smaller than your cheekbones, the hat will tighten your head and it’s uncomfortable to wear for a long time. With this rule, you can tell which hats fit you most.


The Depth of A Baseball Cap

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

The depth of a baseball cap is the length of the crown. If you put a baseball hat on, it can hide your eyebrows, which means the hat is too deep for you. Otherwise, it cannot hide your eyebrows, which means the hat is the right depth for you.


The Crown Shape of A Baseball Cap

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

This part means the crown of a baseball cap. There are 3 kinds of crowns for baseball caps: the hard crown, the soft crown, and the hard-soft crown. Because of its hard shape, the hard-crown baseball cap will make your head look bigger and not flexible enough. The soft-crown baseball cap has wrinkles and creases on the crown that look non-energetically and make your overall look low. It’s recommended with the third one: a combination of a hard crown on the front and a soft crown at the back. This hat is more stereoscopic, so it can make your head look full and perfect in shape.



Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

There are many colors for baseball caps. What are the right colors?


For beginners, the basic colors are never wrong and can meet your daily needs. Black and white are the most common colors.  With these two colors, you can match them with most styles of clothes because of their easy-matching features. Just like the examples above, the young lady on the left side matches the black baseball cap, with one black-white jacket on the outside and one hollow-shoulder black shirt inside, and the overall look is a combination of sexiness and sports. The women on the right side, just match the solid-colored baseball cap with the gray loose hoodie and one white shirt, echoing with the white baseball cap. A very simple and casual style for daily life.


If you want to create a stylish look, blue, green, khaki, and other colors are more creative, but they’re picky with the matchup, characters, and overall look.



Most sports baseball caps are made with canvas and the corduroy material is more vintage. There are also other materials, but from an environmental aspect, sustainable fabrics are recommended, such as recycled nylon/cotton/canvas/plastic/polyester, organic cotton, etc.

Above all suggestions, let me show you this aungcrowngreen baseball cap.

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

This baseball cap is made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials that can reduce pollution on our planet. One of my favorite elements is the front hard crown sewn rhombus patterns with a metal label on the left side that can neutralize femininity and add masculinity to the whole look. The curved brim can protect my eyes from sunlight and I often wear neutral outfits to match this baseball cap for a casual and neutral look. The hard crown at the front can cover the shortage of my forehead and high hairline, making me still perfect. There are 2 colors of them: black or black-gray. I love them both and the black-gray one can show more femininity than neutral sides compared with the whole black one.

Fashion Items-Baseball Caps

This is another baseball cap that I got from aungcrowngreen. This army green baseball matches my army green jacket perfectly. My favorite design of this cap is the funny and cool gorilla stitching at the front with embroidery edges around it. The white embroidered letters on the back, breathable holes next to the top of the crown, and an adjustable closure combine the whole look. I love the funny and cool gorilla at the front and the army green can echo the attitude of the gorilla, cool and casual.


Baseball caps have been essential in daily life. No matter how you dress, you can easily use a baseball cap to highlight the features or cover the shortages.


Why did I Choose aungcrowngreen?

aungcrowngreen is a new section of Aungcrown and aims to develop a sustainable fashion industry. All clothes and hats are made with reworked materials or other sustainable materials to reduce carbon dioxide on our planet. It’s new in sustainable fashion and the main products are hats(baseball hats, bucket hats, dad hats, beanie hats, snapback hats, and trucker hats) and casual clothes that can meet daily dressing needs. Sustainable fashion is nearby. If you cannot afford other sustainable fashion brands, you can try with aungcrowngreen. It will surprise you.


Made with sustainable fabrics is a very important factor that made me choose aungcrowngreen. Except for this factor, the shape, design, and product of aungcrowngreen baseball caps are pretty nice and aungcrowngreen also provides customized services that can let me determine my favorite patterns and processes.


Start Your Journey with Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are never a bad choice for dressing and it’s an essential item for all people’s wardrobes. No matter what seasons, genders, ages, or clothes styles, baseball caps are a great choice for everyone.

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