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Black Golf Hat Where and When to Wear It?

Black Golf Hat Where and When to Wear It

A black golf hat is a sporty accessory that both men and women can sport. No matter if you are a golfer, this product will make you feel comfortable at all times. It is perfect to cover you from the sun and give you more visibility in your sports activities.


In this article, we will talk about the aungcrowngreen black golf hat. A model made to make you look impeccable in your golf matches or any other sports activity. We will know its features, designs, goodness, and why you should have one in your collection. Here are more details about this product.
Black Golf Hat Where and When to Wear It?


What is a black golf hat?

The black golf hat is a product made for golf professionals to cover themselves during a match. The particularity of this model is its visor, which is slightly curved. How does it help them? Mainly, the sun’s rays impact less aggressively on the player’s eyes or face. In addition, it has a greater range of protection, especially on the sides.


On the other hand, the design is classic and has been maintained for decades in sports and casual fashion. It is eye-catching, stylish, and perfect for any sporting occasion or sports fan. Both men and women can wear this hat on their heads.


Features of the Black Golf Hat

The curved-brim golf hat, available at aungcrowngreen, comes with a very sporty design. Similar to a 6-piece baseball cap. The most important thing about this product is its quality, strength, and durability, considering the demands of weather and sports activities. Next, we will explain its attributes in more detail:



The first thing to highlight is its colorimetry and combination of black and blue tones. Its design allows it to look completely sporty and quite comfortable. It can be worn with jeans, canvas shoes, and cotton shirts.


Material of Construction

The black golf hat is made from recycled materials of the highest quality. After undergoing an innovative process, this black golf hat is durable and highly resistant. The design has been developed under a fleece dyeing technique with a peach skin texture. To remove the old colors from the piece, the dye has been regenerated with microfiber.


The Back of the Hat

The curved-brimmed golf hat measures 58 centimeters/22.83 inches in diameter. However, to close it completely, a fabric strap with stick-on straps has been designed. Additionally, it features a Velcro closure system for added security and fit. This allows you to have a 6-piece baseball cap fully adjusted to the dimensions of your head.


Curved-Brim Cap

The classic style of golf caps is with a curved brim, also known as the ivy brim. Its design is rounded but with a low profile. Its brims are stiff and small, with a good amount of room to cover.
The curved-brim golf cap is an old model that dates back to Great Britain and the United Kingdom, where they were most commonly worn. In the past, it was made of “tweed”, a type of fabric woven with crosses of different shades, with an irregular but colorful shape.


Logo Design and Printing

aungcrowngreen is a brand that is characterized by offering a seal of quality in each of its products. For this particular model, it has introduced a technique called “silk-screen printing”. It consists of transferring the image to be printed on a mesh known as a “screen”.


A screen is used for each color of the logo. Through these screens, the color is able to pass through, printing the desired tone on the chosen design. The process is repetitive and must be executed as many times as necessary until a quality result is obtained. Everything will depend on the design of the logo to be used.


Raw Materials

aungcrowngreen is characterized as being an environmentally friendly brand. That is why each of its products, such as the black golf hat, has been manufactured with recycled materials. They use recycled polyester, known in the industry as rPET. It consists of compiling a series of plastic into transparent sheets, which are highly resistant to water and steam.


The company recycles a large number of plastic bottles that contain this component in their manufacture. The result is a range of refurbished products that are ready to use in your sporting activities.


aungcrowngreen helps the environment to free itself from the pollutants that plastic is and turns it into a clothing accessory. In this case, the curved-brimmed golf hat has been manufactured with rPET, from its design to its elements. The brim of the cap and its internal band are made to absorb sweat and avoid unpleasant externally visible stains.



The curved-brim golf cap offers a ventilation and breathability system thanks to an innovative laser technique. This system evenly perforates the back of the hat to facilitate mobility and airflow to the head.


The black golf hat is an unrivaled sporting goods item. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and compatible with different clothing combinations, it is durable and comfortable to wear. It’s time to look stylishly sporty with a product from aungcrowngreen.



It offers a level of comfort by fitting snugly on the head. Thanks to its design and manufacturing materials, the cap is lightweight and flexible. Once you find the right size, fasten the strap and you’re done. You will have a wonderful hat to protect you from the sun and look radiant.


Authentic and Unique

The black golf hat has a unique and authentic style. Although any wearer can wear them, it is important to know how to wear them, especially when it comes to a classic design. Every detail of this product has been designed to have a positive impact on the wearer, the viewer, and the environment.


The fact that this hat is made from recycled plastic marks it with authenticity. In addition, it has a perfect structure to be worn by any person, considering that it is unisex. Finally, it is necessary to highlight that its tones combine with all types of clothing, making you look like a professional on the course.


When to wear a black golf hat?

The ideal occasion to wear a black golf hat is when there is an outdoor sporting activity. Although it’s primarily made for professional golfers, the use does not imply exclusivity. At aungcrowngreen, it manufactures models of hats for all types of users, while keeping their quality and durability intact.


The brand has designed this type of hat with the intention of providing comfort and safety to its users. To feel totally protected from the sun and to increase their visibility. Some users even wear an aungcrowngreen model on the beach, for walks in the summer, or to play another sport.


The black golf cap is not mandatory apparel for golfers. However, they wear it to show off a sponsor’s brand or to protect themselves from the sun. On the other hand, this particular model will help you look impeccable in your sporting matches or just to go out with the family.


Advantages of wearing a curved-brim golf hat

When it comes to wearing an aungcrowngreen black golf hat, you take with it a number of advantages and benefits. Let’s take a look at why it is important to wear this accessory in an outdoor sporting encounter:


  • Protect from the Sun

It protects your eyes from the sun, allowing you to extend viability to farther distances. The sun’s rays can make you miss your target in case of playing golf or even when watching a sports match. The curved-brim visor helps you control sunlight and prevents it from disturbing your vision. You can combine it with dark glasses for reinforcement.


  • Hold Back Long Hair

Long hair for men and women can be a problem when playing or watching a game in the hot sun. Beyond protecting us from its rays, the black golf hat gathers the hair, allowing it to be immobilized, but at the same time protected. This prevents the wind from moving it and interrupting your visibility and the annoying movement of having to constantly remove it from your face. Also, you avoid using fasteners or tying up your hair.


  • Protect from the Cold

Whether your favorite cap is the black golf cap or the 6-piece baseball cap, they can be a great ally in the winter or during the rain. Both of them form a protective layer against heavy precipitation weather.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing

An extremely aesthetic model that matches almost any sporty style is the black golf cap. Its classic design has been maintained over time thanks to a worldwide community of followers. In addition, it’s authentic and unique in the market, especially the aungcrowngreen made from recycled materials.


  • Controls Sweat

One element that is prevalent in caps made by aungcrowngreen is the level of sweat absorption. We know that this type of product is extremely demanded by its users, whether they are engaged in a sporting activity or watching a match in the hot sun. In that sense, the brand has a production line of products that control perspiration.


Each model has a band specially designed to prevent sweat from overflowing and staining the cap. In addition, its ventilation system ensures that you will be cool and comfortable at all times.


  • Lightweight and Flexible

Thanks to its design and manufacturing techniques, this product has become a marvel. Users remark on how light and flexible it is; easy to adjust to any head. You quickly move on to a sun-protected and totally comfortable area.


Women Wearing a Curved-Brim Golf Cap

aungcrowngreen offers a unisex curved-brim golf cap model. Women can use this particular design in their sporting activities or for walking outdoors. Just like gentlemen, this product is designed to enhance their styles.


Just like a 6-piece baseball cap, this product is made for women, who enjoy a comfortable and cool style. Wearing leggings, long t-shirts, jackets, and sneakers, among other accessories.
On the other hand, it can be worn casually with shorts, T-shirts, and canvas shoes. If you have long hair, you can wear it braided or in a ponytail style. The hair is inserted into the hole at the back, just where the Velcro closure is, and let it fall. It avoids obstructing the passage of air in the neck area and will still look aesthetically correct.


aungcrowngreen- An Environmentally Friendly Brand

aungcrowngreen is a brand that seeks to help the environment get rid of the high rates of plastic pollution. Its campaigns range from collecting to manufacturing products such as the brim golf hat.


Each of its products is developed by experts and with the highest quality that the market demands. In addition, it promotes the care of the seas and the earth, collecting its raw material from reused plastic containers.


aungcrowngreen has done a great job of reducing the burden on our planet., assuming a great responsibility with its customers. The variety of models it offers is amazing and you can know it through its website. Enter now and see how much you can help with the purchase of an accessory.

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