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aungcrowngreen The Sustainable Bucket Hat in Blue and Rose Red

Sustainable Bucket Hat

With its commitment to a better and greener environment, aungcrowngreen releases various types of hats that are not only environment-friendly but also trendy and fashionable. Among them, bucket hats are one of the products that are mostly hunted by young people since the hats are often worn by celebrities like K-Pop idols and Hollywood actors.


Our Sustainable Bucket Hats’ Features:

If you plan to add one to your chick outfits, try the sustainable bucket hat from aungcrowngreen. It has several designs and the recommended one here is the blue and rose red one. Why this bucket hat? Find the answers in the following points. You’ll see why this bucket hat is superior compared to bucket hats from others.

AungcrownGreen The Sustainable Bucket Hat in Blue and Rose Red

Sustainable Bucket Hat Details

What is it that makes the blue and rose-red bucket hats of aungcrowngreen special? Well, here are some points that make it stand out among the others. Choose one or more that make you love the most.


● Regenerate Cotton Twill

The highlight of this sustainable bucket hat is its material i.e. the regenerated cotton twill. The regenerate refers to the fact that cotton is made of existing materials. It helps to save the environment from other energy consumption or water and chemical pollution. Though coming from unused pre-consumer materials, it only chooses high-quality ones and has been through high-standard processing. Don’t worry about the quality.


● Digital Printing Pattern

As the base is dark navy, the cotton has an infinity-with-a-dot-beside pattern in white. The pattern is digitally printed, so it will last forever. Any type of washing will not fade the pattern away. It’s aesthetically spread on the brim area and leaves the crown area with the basic dark navy.


● Chic Narrow Brim

Wide brims are more likely found in bucket hats for fishers. Narrow ones look stylish and are mostly used by performers and singers. Its brim is colored in rose red which is contrast but exquisite for the look.


● Breathable Crown and Protective Brim Tip

Your head might sweat and to keep it fresh, there are several holes embroidered in rose red thread. The holes are meant to keep the fresh air circulation and prevent odor or dandruff fungi from the humid scalp. Although the brim is narrow, you can adjust the brim tip to cover your eyes. It helps to avoid sunrays or to cover some parts of your face.


● Embroidered Logo and Woven Label

When you touch the AC-Green logo on the front, you can feel that the logo is woven with polyester. Since the logo is embroidered flat, it will be durable even for daily use. While you wear it, you can choose to show off the logo on the front or put it slightly aside so people cannot see it clearly. Both ways look great!


● Perfect Seam Lines

Just like other bucket hats, the trim part has several circular seam lines. Sometimes those lines are prone to fraying through time. With the aungcrowngreen bucket hat, you don’t need to worry as the seam is carefully sewn to make it stay forever.


Fabric and Material Review

It is already mentioned that the materials used are regenerated cotton twill. Yet what is it actually? How does it feel to wear it? and what are people’s comments about it? The first and main point of this sustainable bucket hat is the environmentally safe campaign by the brand. The name of the brand, aungcrowngreen, even uses the word ‘green’ to emphasize its mission of creating products that are safe for the environment.


As we know the garment industry is one of the main pollution sources in our world, to avoid contributing to more pollution aungcrowngreen exclusively chooses green and regenerated cotton that is made from leftover scraps or pre-consume industrial waste which is re-fiberized to create new and better-quality cotton. Compared to the traditional process of creating cotton, creating regenerated cotton skips several processes making it more energy efficient.


Furthermore, to be categorized as ‘green’, the making process should involve a supportive environment for the employees and communities. Modern slavery includes low-wage workers in the production process. Yet, it will not occur in the aungcrowngreen sustainable bucket hat production because the brand has its ethic which is to strengthen the communities where it lives, works, and grows.


Apart from being a green product, the material has similar characteristics to cotton: soft, breathable, absorbent, durable, long-lasting color retention, light, and comfortable. It supports the function of a bucket hat that will go under the sun. Many people enjoy wearing it as a fashion statement and also as protecting clothes.


Online reviews show that this bucket hat is comfy to wear and causes no irritation. The hat stays well on the head and does not easily fall or fly away by winds. The color of the fabric stays even under frequent direct sun and various washing types. The seam is well sewed so it is unlikely to find fraying and ragged seams on the materials.

AungcrownGreen The Sustainable Bucket Hat in Blue and Rose Red


Main Features of The Sustainable Bucket Hat

The fabric and material review above gives you a description of how it feels to wear it. Now it’s your time to see the appearance of the bucket hat and to imagine how you look wearing it. The features of the bucket hat include:

● Casual Style

In real-life examples, celebrities usually wear this hat on their way to an airport or during a casual walk on the streets. You can copy their styles by combining this hat with a hoodie, an oversized shirt, jeans, and sneakers. To have a more mysterious look, you can complete it with a mask.


For girls, you can hide your hair under the hat or let it flow. K-pop idols who have new hairstyles usually lock them up under the hat on casual occasions like social media live, so the fans won’t notice until their comebacks air.


● Blue and Rose Red Combination with Infinity-Symbols Pattern

Unlike boring bucket hats that are monochrome or in dark and boring shades, this sustainable bucket hat pairs contrast but in the same tone combination of blue and rose red. The rose red gives a glimpse of a feminine touch. To balance the colors, the white infinity-symbol print fills up the brim and half of the crown part.


● Unisex

Though it has a rose red color, everyone could still rock their looks with this hat. For females, this hat gives a more girlish vibe. While for males, who says men cannot wear rose red color? The color will not reduce a man’s masculinity. Instead, it shows that the man has a bright and open personality. Besides the fact that bucket hats are commonly to be worn by men and women, the navy base in this has also made it more unisex.


● Headpiece With Full Protection

Its adjustable brim could help you to protect your eyesight. Its holes protect you from a sweaty and smelly head. The fabric is also absorbent and safe for your forehead and scalp. You don’t need to take it off quite often. Moreover, it helps you to avoid eye contact with strangers.


● Green Campaign Support

The logo says out loud the green campaign. People who support the green campaign will notice your bucket hat soon after they see the logo. By wearing this sustainable bucket hat, you also implicitly promote and encourage people to move from conventional polluting clothing pieces to eco-friendly ones.


● 59cm/23.23 inches in Size

The measurement fits for all including women and men. The measured size for the crown part as the brim has a wider measurement. The fabric and piping brim make it stay even during the wind blows. Though you cannot the diameter size, it mostly fits various sizes of heads. It will still look cute even though the size is bigger for your head.


Benefits of Wearing A Sustainable Bucket Hat

Compared to other types of headpieces, a bucket hat has benefits that others might not have. Firstly introduced in the 1900s, people have worn it for many different purposes and benefits. Once you wear a sustainable bucket hat, these are some of the benefits that you may experience.


Perfectly Match Any Outfit

In the past, women combined a hat with gowns and formal shirts, and they still looked good in it. Nowadays people wear it with casual outfits without many accessories. In fact, it shows that a bucket hat can be dressed up and down.

A sustainable hat is also perfect for any season from summer, autumn, winter, and spring. One can never go wrong with this headpiece.


Eyes Protection

Bright light and sun rays are bad for eyesight. They also cause eye squinting that triggers wrinkles and lines near the eyes and forehead. The brim covers eyes from external light if it is pulled down properly. While walking under the hot sun, you don’t need to raise your hand to see the view properly.


Head Temperature Controller

A bucket hat is like a shield from sun and rain, also it protects what it is inside: the head. Under hot temperatures, eyelets on the crown help the wind lower the head temperature. Meanwhile, during rain or cold temperatures, a sustainable bucket hat helps to retain the heat trapped in the head and body. That’s why you can wear it in any season and temperature.


Trendy and Youthful Look

Bucket hats as a fashion statement have become a trend lately. Ever since young celebrities were captured casually wearing it, most young generations nowadays copy this style. Some famous bands and artists like Stone Roses, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, and others often use bucket hats to avoid the paparazzi. Some BTS members also wear it during some performances and video clips. No wonder many teenagers and young adults get inspired to have a similar look for their daily outfits.


Easy to Carry and Wear

When you travel or go on a trip, bringing a sustainable bucket hat can be the easiest thing to pack. You can slip it into any part of your bag, luggage, or even in your pockets. It can be easily folded. Moreover, the aungcrowngreen bucket hats do not get wrinkled easily. It is easy to adjust and looks neat. If you have a string, you can even tie the hat to your bag without folding it.


Modish Last-Minute Rescue

If you haven’t done your hair, you can save your look by hiding it under a bucket hat at the last minute. Putting on the hat is also easy and fast. Moreover, everyone who wears it looks modish and gives off a stylish aura. Many also say that their confidence goes up when wearing the hat.


Additional Sun Protection

Not only bad for the eyes, but UV rays also damage the hair and skin. That’s why apart from wearing sunscreen, wearing a bucket hat is also essential. Under prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun, hair becomes sensitive, and scalps produce more oils making the head humid. This usually leads to a smelly scalp, dandruff, and damaged hair. The safest way to avoid this condition is by wearing a headpiece.


Saving the Environment

Last but not least, the benefit that you and the world experience are greener environments. A sustainable bucket hat saves more energy and produces less waste. As the sustainable ones from the aungcrowngreen brand have more reasonable prices, more people can afford the green products. This act might also inspire clothing lines to move into greener products and processes. This surely will be more beneficial to our world and the next generation.


The Bottom Line

Now a bucket hat could be one of the must-have fashion items on your list. For more than a century, this headpiece has never gone out of style. To support the green movement, a sustainable bucket hat has become a trend in the present. Then, the best one is released by aungcrowngreen.



If you need one that is easy to carry and matches easily with any outfit, choose the blue and rose-red bucket hat. It fits any occasion and season; men and women; young and old; dress up and down. Go save the earth and slay your look with this bucket hat.

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