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aungcrowngreen-Sustainable Apparel Industry

aungcrowngreen-Sustainable Apparel Industry

I love the sustainable apparel industry more than the fast fashion industry. I was a fast fashion lover before I knew fast fashion played an important role in pollution. Each year, fast fashion and its supply chain are one of the largest polluting industries, ranking third place among food and construction, occupying 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and emitting 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. According to the data, if we don’t take any action on fast fashion, the fast fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions are going to rise by more than 50% by the end of 2030( only about 7 years and 3 months left). This is huge data for pollution. Can you imagine that the clothes you buy will make our planet worse? With such a big problem, sustainable fashion is coming and it will be the main trend in the future.


What’s Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion, also known as eco-fashion, means all people, processes, products, and activities in the fashion industry accomplish the goal of building a carbon-neutral fashion industry based on the rules of equality, social justice, animal welfare, and ecological integrity.

With the awareness of sustainable fashion, I have changed my shopping habits. Shopping with sustainable clothes instead of normal or fast fashion clothes. In the beginning, I found that the price of sustainable clothes is much higher than that of non-sustainable clothes. I was doubting myself if I could afford sustainable clothes for a long time to protect our environment. Fortunately, I found aungcrowngreen on Facebook. Compared with other sustainable clothes, aungcrowngreen is more affordable. How lucky was I!


What’s aungcrowngreen?

aungcrowngreen is a new section of Aungcrown and aims to develop a sustainable fashion industry. All clothes and hats are made with reworked materials or other sustainable materials to reduce carbon dioxide on our planet. It’s new in sustainable fashion and the main products are hats(baseball hats, bucket hats, dad hats, beanie hats, snapback hats, and trucker hats) and casual clothes that can totally meet daily dressing needs. Sustainable fashion is nearby. If you cannot afford other sustainable fashion brands, you can try with aungcrowngreen. It will surprise you.

I also love the hats collection. Let me show you my favorite hats and hoodies.

AungcrownGreen-Sustainable Apparel Industry

This baseball hat is one of my favorite hats. Based on a white color with crackle patterns, this baseball hat is also designed with 6 panels, a curved peak on the front, a covering button on the top of the crown, embroidery holes near the top of the crown, and an adjustable metal clip slide at the back. The adjustable metal clip slide can be adjusted easily by different head circumferences. With a more sustainable and greener digital printing process and sustainable materials, this baseball hat is not just a hat, but also an important move toward a greener world. My favorite matching is to pair with a simple cropped top and one pair of long high-waisted and wide-leg pants to create a look that combines simplicity, fashion, and charm.  What I love most is the convenience of this hat. It’s so hard to get up early in the morning, this crackle-printed baseball hat is a great choice, just put it on and you’re ready to go without makeup or do hairstyles.


Notes: Digital Printing

Digital printing is a process that puts dyed liquid into a dedicated box to spray on the fabric. The whole process is neither wasteful nor with water pollution, dyeing liquid that is discharged from the printing machine in the sizing room to achieve no pollution in the printing process. Also, saves plastic films, silk screens, silver cylinders, and other materials consumption. It not only reduces the burden on enterprises but also realizes the requirements of environmental protection. A very sustainable and eco-friendly process in the apparel industry.

AungcrownGreen-Sustainable Apparel Industry

My favorite bucket hat is designed in a classic bucket hat shape with front stitching. Also features rectangle white fabric stitching on the front with 3 golden metal rings at the side of the downward-sloping brim, adding a combined sense of coolness and fashion. With tidy sewings and lightly purple/light green/light khaki color contrast with white and black, this eco-fashion bucket hat makes it easy to create different looks, such as casual looks, street looks, vocation looks, emotional looks, and more. With different colors, I usually match my moon for the all-day overall look. As for me, the green color is a powerful and positive attitude, so I usually match it with simple casual outfits, echoing with green accessories, such as bracelets, rings, earrings, shoes, socks, bags, or sleeves. One color for one day.

AungcrownGreen-Sustainable Apparel Industry

I love this baggy hoodie so much. This gray hoodie is unisex and baggy style. My favorite oversized look is related to it. With white embroidery letters (AUNG CROWN) on the front, this simple hoodie also features long sleeves, a hoodie neckline with flexible white straps, elastic cuffs, and a kangaroo pocket at the front. This hoodie is a simple and loose style. It can easily match with skinny pants, loose bottoms, leggings, short skirts, spaghetti dresses, and more, making you look elegant and charming. Also can style this oversized hoodie super casually with chunky boots and simple gold hoops. This oversized pullover is a must-have in any casual wardrobe.AungcrownGreen-Sustainable Apparel Industry

This summer T-shirt is very comfortable and breathable to wear. This short-sleeved t-shirt is comfortable with an edge. Cut to a relaxed fit with a simple round neck, this tee is also designed with short sleeves, wide green-white stripes, orange letters printing, and a regular length. Embodying both comfort and chic styling. Feature a subtle rib for a luxuriously soft fit. Pair with all the pants to create a new summer look.

There are many choices in aungcrowngreen that can meet our daily needs and help us achieve a carbon-neutral fashion industry. Start an eco-friendly journey in sustainable fashion with aungcrowngreen.


Customized Services

If you aren’t satisfied with the styles that aungcrowngreen provides, you can design your tees by emailing aungcrowngreen with your designs (patterns, fits, necklines, length of sleeves, total lengths, such as cropped length, tunic length, or regular length).


aungcrowngreen has various processes, such as digital printing, embroidery, stitching, laser, silkscreen printing, applique, woven label, embossed, jacquard, knit, plain dyed, ripped, washed, contrast colors, etc. There are a lot of sustainable materials to choose from that can reduce carbon dioxide in fast fashion.

Sustainable material: organic cotton/hemp/linen/bamboo, recycled cotton/mesh/polyester, modal, ECONYL, silk, etc.


Sustainable Fashion, Eco-Fashion, Greener Lifestyle.

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