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aungcrowngreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendation

aungcrowngreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat In-depth Review and Recommendation

Like most people, you probably enjoy spending your free time outside in the sunshine. Maybe you play sports or go on hikes. Maybe you garden or fish. Whatever it is that you do when the weather is warm and sunny, keeping the sun off your face and neck is essential for avoiding heat exhaustion, dehydration, and even worse: skin cancer.


One easy way to keep the sun off your face is by using a cap. Wearing a cap can effectively shield you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. One better way to further protect yourself and the environment is by wearing a cap made from eco-friendly or sustainable materials.


If that sounds like something you’d be interested in reading more about, then this article is for you! We’ll be taking a look at a specific style of cap known as the aungcrowngreen flat-brim hat. Read on to learn exactly what that means and our top-rated recommendations if this sounds like something you might want to buy one day!


aungcrowngreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat

AungcrownGreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendatio

The cap’s style is similar to that of the curved brim 5-panel cap from the same collection; it features a cool illustration of tiny green and yellow leaves. Six cloth triangles are used to create the cap, which is stitched together at the top with a button covered in fabric. This brim detail, while it may seem like a small quality-of-life addition, actually makes the hat more comfortable to wear.


The cotton used to make the cap is recycled, which is cotton that has been used previously and can be used again to make textile products. With this baseball cap, aungcrowngreen has expanded its impressive lineup to include a fitted flat-brim cap. Because it gives your outfit a cool and youthful look, this cap stands out significantly.
AungcrownGreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendatio
Regenerated cotton, recycled cotton, and microfibre are other names for recycled cotton that are frequently used. This is an amazing energy-free way to give inferior products new life.


The adjustable closure, which is also my favorite feature, and a flat recycled plastic brim complete the cap’s laid-back appearance. This hat is the most comfortable to wear on this list because of its brim detail, which is a simple quality feature. Given that the cap is made of environmentally friendly materials, it looks great and is very user-friendly. Every decision made during the cap’s design was made with the wearer in mind.
AungcrownGreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendatio
The material is quite warm and comfortable. The aungcrowngreen sports baseball cap was a personal favorite of users who wore it despite not being waterproof. It will make a great companion on hikes, BBQs, and camping trips.


The green flat-brim aungcrowngreen cap fits your head perfectly and is the right size. After use, the sweatband doesn’t leave any red stains on your forehead. It is extremely cozy. Since the back strap is adjustable, it is simple to remove it while working out. The company designed a matching fabric strap back with a metal buckle for longer wear and higher levels of quality.


Eco-friendly materials are used to create the fitted flat-brim hat. GOTS or OEKO-TEX, for example, are third-party standards that certify aungcrowngreen. Additionally, the business avoids the use of harmful chemicals in its operations, ensures moral farming methods, and provides some minimally fair treatment for its employees.


You want to purchase a cap to protect your eyes from the sun and rain. The company makes sure that their hats will not flap in the wind and will have a wide enough brim to shade our faces from the sun. Ideally, they have improved the appearance of an outfit by adding color, texture, or style.


All aungcrowngreen products are made in China in mills and factories that follow safe labor standards. They collaborate with factories that have policies in place to ensure standards and are certified by independent organizations. Thanks to the company, this information is openly available and transparent.


Why go sustainable?

According to a 2015 study, 97% of the materials used to make clothing are new, with only 3% coming from recycled sources. This totals 98 million tons of resources per year, including oil for making synthetic fibers, fertilizers for growing cotton, and an endless supply of chemicals required for finishing and dyeing fabrics.


Recycled fibers have emerged as a much more environmentally friendly alternative because they ease the strain on virgin resources and address the expanding waste management issue. For comparison, the production of virgin nylon uses 70,000 barrels of oil and produces 57,100 tons of CO2 for every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® raw material used in our swimwear.


Buying from sustainable brands also reduces your carbon footprint. Global fashion production generates significant annual greenhouse gas emissions, which significantly and actively contribute to global warming.


One of the factors is that the vast majority of our beloved clothing, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon, is made from fossil fuels and is petroleum-based (check your clothing labels, you may be surprised). Compared to natural or recycled fibers, these materials require a significant amount more energy to produce.


On the other hand, eco-friendly brands frequently use products made from natural or recycled materials that can be grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or excessive amounts of water or energy.


Even biodegradable fabrics like TENCELTM (created from sustainable wood pulp) and organic fabrics like linen, hemp, and organic cotton are available. These environmentally friendly fabrics make wonderful sustainable substitutes because they are kind to the planet.


You may not need to hear this, but the fashion industry is known for its love of killing for fashion. For instance, it’s a common misconception that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. This isn’t always the case, though. Over 430 million animals are thought to be killed and slaughtered annually by the leather industry alone.


There is a cruelty-free alternative for almost every fashion material, thanks to sustainable fashion brands. Examples include polyester made from ocean trash (sounds familiar, doesn’t it? ), bags made from recycled seatbelts, plant-based compostable sneakers, silk made from yeast, and bio-fabricated vegan wool. However, one of the most popular leather substitutes today is made from pineapples. The fabric is made from pineapple leaves that are used as byproduct waste during the harvesting process.


For the fashion industry, water is a crucial resource. It is utilized in almost every step of the dyeing and finishing process for our clothing. A single T-shirt consumes an incredible 2,700 liters of water. Particularly dependent on water, cotton is typically grown in hot, dry climates where water is already in short supply.


While conventional cotton uses 91% more water than organic cotton, the latter uses 91% less. But up to now, organic cotton has only made up 1% of the world’s total production. This is primarily because non-GMO seeds are much more expensive and frequently require additional material and equipment purchases that farmers only make for crops that are grown organically.


Hemp, linen, REFIBRA™, and recycled fibers like recycled cotton are other environmentally friendly fabrics whose production uses little to no water. Believe it or not, there is still slavery in the modern world. For the majority of garment workers in the fast fashion industry, reality looks like minimum wages (if any at all), unending hours of work, appalling health and safety conditions, and a ban on worker unions.


Additionally, it is still common practice in many areas of the industry to abuse people verbally and physically. On the social injustices caused by the fast fashion industry, there are a few educational documentaries. For more information, read “The True Cost” or “Fashion Factories Undercover.”


Eco-ethical companies promote offering their employees fair wages, good health benefits, and humane working conditions. These companies’ worker pay is typically above average.


How to Select the Best Sustainable Fitted Flat Brim Hat



What kind of cap are you primarily looking for? Which brim type do you prefer—flat or curved? Understanding how the two different types impact your style choices and appearance is significant. The best options for you are flat-brimmed caps if you want to give your outfit a youthful appearance.



All baseball and snapback caps share a common trait: they are comfortable. If you’re wearing something that makes you uncomfortable, you’ll either take it off or let it affect how you play. Because of this, I constantly advise trying models before purchasing so that you can determine what is comfortable for you.



Not to mention, it would be negligent to leave out the budget. You must decide how much you are willing to spend before choosing a golf hat because there are options available in every style and price range.


Other Sustainable Flat-brim Hats from aungcrowngreen

 AungcrownGreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendatio

1. White Strapback Hat

For anyone who enjoys wearing hats, the aungcrowngreen white strapback hat is a must-have item. This cap’s design guarantees a secure and comfortable fit in addition to its durability. The cap is the ideal piece of jewelry to complete your look and show off your enthusiasm for baseball caps.


The white strap-back hat is a fine build and made of recycled beaded canvas. The five-piece structured flat cap also features a plastic buckle that can be adjusted, a front page with a digitally printed logo, and an adjustable closure. Plastic brim and recycled beaded canvas are used to create the white strap-back hat. The five-piece structured flat cap also features a plastic buckle that can be adjusted, a front page with a digitally printed logo, and an adjustable closure.


Sweat is wicked away by the headband as well. The aungcrowngreen white strap-back hat is made from eco-friendly materials, and the company makes sure that shipping and packaging adhere to strict environmental protection standards.


AungcrownGreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendatio

2. 6-panel Strapback Hat

The recycled beaded canvas and the plastic brim of the white strapback hat add to its sleekness. The six-piece structured flat cap also has an adjustable closure with a plastic buckle, as well as a digitally printed logo and front page. The headband wicks away sweat.


The brand uses products that have no adverse effects on the environment, so you can see each product’s impact on the environment (water, waste, and CO2) and how much less it is compared to what it would be with conventional materials.

AungcrownGreen Fitted Flat Brim Hat: In-depth Review and Recommendatio

3. Two-tone Baseball Cap

The two-tone baseball cap’s simple styling and mesh design allow for plenty of ventilation on hot days. Although the shape is quite tall at the top, a snug but comfortable fit is produced by a slight stretch in the rim.


Cotton and mesh from recycled sources are used to create the 6-panel, two-tone baseball cap. Also, made from recycled plastic is the brim. It has a cap plastic buckle with an adjustable closure that allows for a secure fit. The emblem is tightly woven and embroidered. Along with a piping brim, it also has a sweat-wicking headband. If you’re looking for a colorful cap to go with your outfit, the two-tone baseball cap is a durable and reasonably priced option.



Flat-brim panel caps are undeniably fashionable and extremely comfortable. The popularity of hats can be attributed to their versatility and freshness.


Flat-brim panel caps are a popular choice for many people for everyday wear. They are lightweight, pliable, adjustable, and breathable. I hope that by now you are aware of this style of cap, its advantages, and how choosing a sustainable brand can help the environment.

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