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aungcrowngreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

aungcrowngreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

Snug-fitting caps known as sustainable panel caps are frequently constructed of materials like cotton, recycled fabric, straw, or felt. The front of a panel cap has a brim that extends to shield the wearer’s eyes from the sun.


The crown of the wearer’s head is fitted with them by way of several fabric panels that have been stitched together. The many different caps generally come in one of three profiles depending on the height of the crown: high profile with the highest crown, mid-profile, and low profile. They come in a variety of styles with various brim, color, and fit options. Panel caps are very popular among courier guys as part of their uniform, offering sun protection as well as a shield for the eyes.


Origin of 5-Panel Caps

There has always been at least one fashion accessory that defines a certain generation if you look back through history. When new items enter the fashion scene, fashion accessories that were once popular quickly lose their appeal. Five-panel caps have taken over as the primary emblem of street-wear culture in recent years.


Each of the five pieces of material that make up the five-panel cap is designed to cover a different area of the head. Five panels give the cap its tight fit, which contributes to its fashionable appearance and makes it a favorite fashion accessory.


These caps were worn exclusively by courier boys in the early 20th century. They were so frequently seen wearing them that they developed a loyal following. Five-panel caps experienced a resurgence in the 1980s and 1990s, perhaps as a result of the large populations of cap-wearing clubgoers in Berlin and London.


Five-panel caps are no longer a specialized accessory worn by a small subset of the population. It is worn by a variety of people who want to join the five-panel fashion trend, rather than just covering the heads of couriers. The affordability of a five-panel cap is one factor in its appeal. These caps are offered for a low cost by many well-known companies.


Although some consumers might not be able to afford the high-end brands, the majority of people—even those on a tight budget—can afford a variation of the current five-panel cap trend.


Why buy environmentally friendly panel caps?

A cap made of eco-friendly materials is referred to as a sustainable cap. Environmentally friendly materials are those that are renewable or reusable and do not harm the environment.


aungcrowngreen is an environmentally conscious business that produces panel hats. They use recycled materials like canvas, organic cotton, and repurposed nylon to make their eco-friendly panel caps. aungcrowngreen puts a lot of effort into creating panel caps that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, fashionable, and promote sustainable living.


The aungcrowngreen panel cap is consistently well-made, of the highest caliber, and ought to maintain its shape over time. The business employs fair labor practices, and a Fair Trade Certified factory produces its goods. Employees receive a living wage from the company.


Materials to look out for when buying sustainable panel cap

Today’s caps come in a wide variety of styles, dimensions, and materials. The style of the cap can be somewhat constrained by the materials. Shower caps or flex fits made of straw are probably less common, and a nylon Viking cap is unlikely because it doesn’t make sense.



Cotton is a versatile fabric that can be used every day. Cotton can be found everywhere, including most caps. The “tomato” of fabrics is a common nickname for cotton. This is because tomatoes are widely available and delicious in the majority of salads and sandwiches.



Wool is soft and flexible because it is made from sheep’s hair. Who knew it could withstand fire as well? Wool can act as insulation, making it a useful material for caps. Wool is resurfacing with 5-panel and snapback caps, and it is also frequently used in fashion caps.



Wool-based felt is typically used to make yurts, fedoras, and bowler caps. Felts are making a comeback, so don’t be surprised to see them in a 5-panel.


Recycled Nylon

Nylon is a super lightweight fabric that performs well, as well as one of the strongest plastics used in clothing. Nylon, on the other hand, is made from petroleum, and its production uses a lot of energy and produces a lot of greenhouse gasses.


Utilizing as much recycled nylon as possible helps divert waste material, lowers greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing, and lessens our reliance on virgin petroleum as a source of raw materials. By using recycled nylon, new recycling avenues for nylon products that are no longer useful are encouraged.



Yes, some caps are made with straw. Straw is likely the world’s oldest hat material and is typically used in sun or fedora caps


aungcrowngreen Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap

AungcrownGreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

An eco-friendly new green curved brim 5-panel cap has been added to the aungcrowngreen line. This cap stands out from the sea of cotton 5-panel caps that are so common.


The energizing and serene color, which stands for growth, is the first and most striking feature. The color is appealing and catches the eye. The aungcrowngreen curved brim 5-panel cap is made of recycled polyester, also known as rPET, which is made from used plastic bottles. This is a fantastic way to keep plastic out of landfills. Finally, there are the headbands made of sweat-wicking fabric, embroidered vents, and a curved recycled plastic brim with an adjustable Velcro closure.

AungcrownGreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

This cap’s brim detail, which is a simple quality feature, made it the most comfortable to wear out of all the ones on this list.


Most of the caps—but not all—are made of recycled plastic and dyed with microfibre. The material is very warm and comfortable. Even though it is not waterproof, the aungcrowngreen sports baseball cap is a personal favorite of users who bought and used the cap.


What the brand considered



An appropriate cap that fits your head is the right size. The sweatband shouldn’t cause your forehead to turn red after a day of use. Additionally, it ought to be cozy. If the back strap can be adjusted, it should be straightforward to do so but challenging to remove while working out.


If the back strap is adjustable, it ought to be simple to set but challenging to remove while working out. To easily fit users, the sustainable brand creates caps with coordinating Velcro self-fabric straps backs, and a metal buckle for greater longevity and quality.



As we all know, aungcrowngreen uses eco-friendly materials. Their materials are approved by a third-party standard like GOTS or OEKO-TEX, the brand avoids the use of hazardous chemicals during production, ensures moral farming methods, and provides workers with at least some minimally fair treatment.



Does the cap succeed in its primary objective of protecting our eyes from the sun and rain? aungcrowngreen makes sure to create caps that protect its users. The curved brim 5-panel cap comes with cap brims wide enough to block the sun from our faces and is windproof. The functionality compares with the appearance of an outfit by adding color, texture, or style, adding a lot of flair to the cap.



aungcrowngreen operates mills and factories in countries with reliable labor laws. They work with mills and factories that have policies in place to ensure standards and that have received third-party certification. Thanks to the company, this information is openly available and transparent.



The branding on aungcrowngreen caps is minimal to non-existent. If you want something simple to add some flair to your wardrobe, the aungcrowngreen sports baseball cap is your best bet.

How to wear the aungcrowngreen Curved Brim 5-panel Cap


Anyone can wear baseball caps for fashion or practical purposes because they are a multipurpose item of headgear. To get some advice on how to wear a baseball cap, please continue reading.

  1. Choose one that fits well. Make sure your baseball cap either fits snugly or can be adjusted to fit your head well unless you’re going for an ultra-casual look. Your cap should be fitted so that you can comfortably wear it with the brim facing either forward or backward.
  2. Break it in. Your cap’s breaking-in period can be sped up by washing it in hot water and wearing it.  Keep it a little bit above the ears.
  3. Shape the bill. Bend or flatten the brim of your cap to the desired curve while it is wet or dry.
  4. Align the brim. Wear the cap so that the center of the brim rests on your forehead and that the inside of the crown leaves a small gap between it and your head. Long hair can be pulled back into a ponytail and threaded through the opening if you’re wearing a snapback or strap back.


Other Recommended Caps from aungcrowngreen

AungcrownGreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

1.  6-Panel Strapback Hat

The 6-panel aungcrowngreen snapback hat is produced in ethical factories using eco-friendly and recycled materials that are recycled and sustainable. Everybody can wear their panel hats, which come in a variety of sizes and styles.


Because recycled cotton uses fewer resources than non-recycled cotton, it helps to slow down the rate of global warming. The blue strap-back hat is even more stylish thanks to the recycled beaded canvas and plastic brim. The front page and logo of the six-piece structured flat cap are digitally printed, and it also has an adjustable closure with a plastic buckle. Sweat is wicked away by the headband.

AungcrownGreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

2. White Baseball Cap

A fashionable 6-panel baseball panel hat with a single-row plastic snap made from recycled mesh, and regenerated beaded canvas. Additionally, aungcrowngreen produces some of the most excellent environmentally friendly baseball and dad hats for everyone.


The fabrics used in the aungcrowngreen collections are regenerative and recycled, which all help to create a closed-loop, cradle-to-cradle supply chain, and lower water usage.


They are completely open about their factories, all of which use the best environmental practices. From obtaining fabrics to creating each collection, they check every box.

AungcrownGreen Eco-friendly Curved Brim 5-Panel Cap Buying Guide

 3. Half-Brim Golf Hat

Unlike most baseball caps, which are made of cotton, this flat-brim golf hat has a front made of stiff foam and sides made of recycled plastic. Regenerated peach skin and microfibre dye are used to color the cap. Laser drilling also referred to as ad laster drilling, is used to create the holes.



Without a doubt, sustainable panel hats are extremely fashionable and comfortable. The popularity of hats can be attributed to their adaptability. The 5-panel hat is incredibly simple to style. It can be paired with casual clothing such as joggers, jeans, and t-shirts. The hat can be used for a quick run or at the gym. The 5-panel curved-brim aungcrowngreen hat is extremely adaptable and can be worn for a variety of settings based on personal preference.


The environmentally friendly panel hats are a preferred option for many people and are great for everyday wear. They can easily be adjusted, and are lightweight, breathable, and flexible. We hope you are now familiar with this style of hat, its advantages, and how choosing to purchase from a sustainable brand can help the environment.

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