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aungcrowngreen Blue and Red Rose 5 Panel strap back Hat

5 Panel strap back Hat

aungcrowngreen is available with its brand new 5-panel strap back hat in blue and rose red colors. As a casual hat, it is perfect for anyone for hanging out with friends or for casual occasions. Made of high-quality materials with ultimate technique, you can get some benefits when wearing this hat.


The hat is absolutely a great choice if fashion and comfort is your main concern. Since the fabrics and materials are eco-friendly, you don’t need to worry about the environmental impacts. The usage of recycled materials like regenerated cotton can reduce hazardous emissions on the earth.


A panel hat is a type of hat or headwear that’s normally made from a stiff material like straw or felt. The hat typically comes with a brim that extends all the way around the head as well as a panel covering the top of the head. A panel hat is typically decorated with a ribbon or a band, or other ornaments like feathers or embroidery attached.


With so many great things from this cool hat, it can be a great choice for your casual occasions. No matter what outfit you choose, a casual hat will always have its own style. What are you waiting for? Go grab yours!

AungcrownGreen Blue and Red Rose 5 Panel strap back Hat

5-Panel Strapback Hat Details:

There is no reason why you don’t list this panel cap in your shopping cart. Designed by the best sportswear designers, the hat is fabulously offering so many great things you’ve never expected before. With so many features offered, no wonder that the hat is on the top choice among hat lovers. Do you want to know what the hat got? Let’s check them out!


● Regenerated Cotton Twill

Made with recycled cotton twill digital printing fabric that can surprisingly reduce the use of new resources. The usage of regenerated or recycled cotton twill can give proper comfort when wearing this hat during the daytime or when you are hanging out. This great material gives you absolute comfort after all.


Reducing the use of new resources is the main goal of the company when making this baseball hat. Using recycled cotton twill helps to save a huge amount of water used in the textile industry. Furthermore, buying this hat means that you are contributing to saving fossil fuels and carbon dioxide gas emissions at the same time.


● Recycled Plastic Brim

This 5-panel strapback hat comes with a flat brim to protect your face from direct sunlight. It also can help to reduce glare during the daytime or even summertime. It is effective to protect you from direct sunlight exposure which is hazardous.


The brim is specially made of recycled plastic to reduce the waste of water in the textile industry. Furthermore, the cap is fully covered with recycled plastic including the brim. The use of recycled materials is preferable as it can help to reduce direct sunlight exposure to your face as well as saves the environment from the waste of the cap industry. It means that the cap is somewhat comfortable without leaving its concern to the environment.


● Nylon Strap with Plastic Snap Closure

A cap closure is one of the most important features of a cap that needs to be considered. Before choosing one, it is important to know the closure material used. The material will affect the durability and comfort when wearing the cap. The cap closure strap with plastic snap is made of nylon which is pretty comfortable when wearing it. A nylon strap is more flexible and comfortable when compared to other materials such as leather. Nylon is such a lightweight material that offers support and structure, while still being comfortable to wear every day.


Moreover, the nylon strap with plastic snap is also water-resistant. However, it is not completely waterproof. It means that the cap strap will not get ruined when it gets wet. It also will dry faster. A great thing about the nylon strap with plastic snap is that it is adjustable and flexible to tighten or loosen to fit your head.


● Digital Printing and Applique Logo

The logo used on the hat is using digital printing and applique techniques. Both techniques are considered pretty recognized in the hat industry. Digital printing is the best technique for a more detailed logo on the hat.


Applique is another word for embroidery. The embroidered logo has been known for its durable and beautiful supplement in the textile industry including the hat industry. The hat logo is beautifully embroidered with a touch of technology. The combination between digital printing and applique creates a more durable hat logo even if you wear it for years. So, you don’t have to worry about fading when wearing it outside.


● Sweat-proof Headband

Comfort is the main benefit of this hat. The headband is specially designed and made of sweat-proof materials that provide comfort even when you are sweating during the daytime. The headband will absorb sweat without needing to weep it.


● Fabric and Material Review

When it comes to the fabric and material of a cap, this 5-panel strapback hat is ultimately the best. Fabric and materials should be your first consideration when choosing a good hat especially if you wear it every day.


The cap front panel is made of blue and rose red regenerated cotton twill. The back is made of nylon which is flexible and comfortable.  The use of recycled cotton twill is a wise choice as it can reduce water waste from the textile industry. It means that it doesn’t use any new materials and uses the leftover materials instead.


Furthermore, the choice of using regenerated cotton twill is great as it offers comfort and softness. Recycled cotton twill can help reduce the environmental impacts as well as carbon print. Recycled or regenerated cotton twill is taken from the leftover mesh or textile surplus. Hence, it can save more water, is environmentally friendly, has less carbon dioxide emission, and also less waste.


With all the high-quality fabric and materials used in this 5-panel strapback hat, this cap is absolutely the best choice to choose from. With so many great features to consider, it’s impossible to not buy this product. You will get not only a great fashion statement but also help to keep the environment. Hence, this hat is the best choice to take into consideration.


5-Panel Strapback Hat Features

Now that we have mentioned all the fabric and materials used in aungcrowngreen 5-panel strapback hat, the features are the way to go. Listed below are all features you can get from this casual hat.


● Casual Design

A hat can protect your face from the sun or even keep you warm. Moreover, hats are also perfect fashion accessories. This aungcrowngreen comes with a casual design to match your everyday style. As we all know that casual design style is simply comfortable. In short, you can wear the cap on casual occasions instead of formal ones. Therefore, you can wear it when hanging out with friends, going on holiday, going fishing, and doing other fun activities.


● Unisex

This hat is specially designed unisex. It means that the hats are suitable for both women and men. Unisex can help you to save money through easy swapping, but also it is good for the environment. Since the hat is designed unisex, it is very versatile to combine with your outfits. With such advantages, you won’t need to collect many hats that can reduce your carbon footprint. This blue rose red aungcrowngreen hat already has a high awareness of environmental issues.


● Blue and Rose Red Color Options

The blue and rose red color option is such a perfect combination when it comes to casual hat design style. The color combination identifies that the hat can be worn on any casual occasion. The color choices are also adjustable as they can be matched with your outfits. A clever mix and match with your outfit will make you look stand out.


Blue is identical to summer while rose red is casual. Hence, the hat is suitable to wear during summer on casual occasions like going on holiday, hanging out, going fishing, going to the beach, and many more. No matter what outfit you are wearing, the hat goes perfectly with your style.


● 58cm/22.83 inches in Size

The hat is available in adult size of 58 cm/22.83 inches. A great thing about this hat is that you can easily adjust the hat depending on your head size. So, you don’t have to worry if your head size is big as it is adjustable. The cap closure which is made of nylon makes it flexible to adjust and will fit perfectly on your head. You can loosen or tighten the hat whenever you want or whenever you need it.


● Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, the use of regenerated cotton twill can help to reduce carbon dioxide and water waste in the textile industry. The materials used in this aungcrowngreen 5-panel strapback hat are environmentally friendly as it uses high-quality fabrics and materials with recycled or regenerated cotton without using new cotton. In short, it reuses the leftover cotton materials to make the hat.


● Multifunction

Just because the hat come in a casual design style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it on any formal occasion. All you need to do is just combine it with formal clothing such as a blazer to create a great fashion statement. By purchasing this hat, you will have a multifunction hat that you can wear on any occasion without worrying about styles.


aungcrowngreen 5-Panel Strapback Hat Benefits

As talked before, aungcrowngreen 5-panel strapback hat offers various impressive features to match your style. This casual cap enables you to easily mix and match with your outfit, especially casual ones. There are some benefits of wearing this cool hat. We’ve listed some benefits you may want to have a look at!


● Keeping Environment

As the hat is using regenerated cotton twill, it means that you also contribute to keeping the environment as it reduces carbon dioxide emission. Furthermore, using recycled or regenerated materials means that it doesn’t use new materials and uses the leftover materials instead.


● Sun Protector

For some people, a hat can be a stylish sun protector. Wearing a hat can protect you from direct sunlight exposure. When going out during summertime, wearing a hat is the best choice to protect you from the sun. As you all know, direct sunlight is dangerous for your health. This hat can protect you from hazardous UV rays. Now you can go out or hang out with your friends without worrying about the sunlight.


● Fashion Statement

Just because the hat comes in a casual style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t mix and match it with your outfit. A casual hat can become a great fashion statement if you properly combine it with proper clothing and accessories. Now it’s your turn to combine it with your favorite outfits to look more stand out.


The Bottom Line

A hat has been a favorite headwear for years. Since there are lots of hat types out there, a casual hat is one of the most selected hats. This aungcrowngreen 5-panel strapback hat is just a perfect choice if a casual style matches your personality.


The hat is suitable for both men and women as the design is unisex. Hence, it will be easy for you to mix and match with your girly or even boyish style. It goes perfectly with any style. All you need to do is just mix and match it with proper outfits to create a new fashion statement that makes you look cool.


As the hat is made of recycled or regenerated cotton twill, it doesn’t need much water during the production process. Hence, it is environmentally friendly as it reduces the use of water in the textile industry. Furthermore, it also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. As you know, carbon dioxide emission is hazardous for the environment.


By purchasing this aungcrowngreen 5-panel strapback hat, you are contributing to keeping the earth. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it fast!

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