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We Work With Thinkers, Facilitators, Innovators and Believers.

Aung Crown( 昂冠 ), founded in 1998 in Shenzhen,China. Now it’s one of the world leading one-stop manufacturer and supplier for world wide branded clothes and hats customizing.

Our orders come from all over the world, Europe, Oceania,  the United States,Japan and other regions, the products are sold in thousands of independent stroes, and online selling. Customers have received consistent praise.

We are a company with thinkers, facilitators, innovator and believers. We know we’re not making hats and t-clothes, we’re making memories. And for you, it’s not just a piece of fabric, they’re souvenirs that you’ve had for years, and we’re very proud to know that when we’re making and hats and clothes, we are making them as arts. Every order, we share part of our culture with you.

When we decided to found Aung Crown in 1998, our founder, Ms. KAILY, learned the complicated process of hat making from scratch and was fascinated by every detail of the process.

We keep improving, because we don’t just do our work as a business, it’s also a way to learn.The company has scaled up three times, each time exploring new ways to deliver higher-quality products with faster cycles.

From extraordinary hats’s molds making to excellent customer service, we ensure that you can get what you want. We have made great efforts to absorb millions of experience and lessons, and dragged countless time and experience to perfect our orders, to bring you a high-quality product and reliable delivery date.

We are very grateful to AUNG CROWN’s customers and our talented team who have been supporting AUNG CROWN. We will work together to reach a new height. Thank you very much for your love and support!

Nothing makes us happier than creating a masterpiece. To this end, we have assembled a team of talented designers, skilled craftsmen, and project specialists who have ample time each day toensure that even the most complex orders are easy.

We has more than 300 employees, more than 6 professional production departments, to ensure that you receive high-quality customized products.

We also continue to improve the printing and embroidery methods, improve the efficiency of communication with customers, we cherish every order, and strive to make it better than the last one.


We have the leading manufacturing technologies and resources of sustainable headwears in China.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive turnkey sustainable headwear project development and manufacturing services that satisfy our customers’ demands for high quality and cost effective  headwears.

Our corporation’s values define what we, as an organization, have set out to achieve and how we intend to achieve our business goals. They are the heart of our business and define our path to continued commercial successntage.

Compassion-Stay aware of the needs of our customers and act to meet those needs whenever possible. Always perform in ways that are consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.

Competitive- Aim to enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition by providing them with best-in-class solutions, customer services and products.

Honesty-We will not release any false information to our customers, nor will we deliberately mislead them. We will strive to openly and freely share information with them, as is appropriate to the relationship.

Integrity-Continuously live up to our business ethics, even when confronted by personal, professional, economic and social pressure.

Performance-Develop plans that deliver better products and continually strive for personal and professional development and success.

Privacy-Always treat customer’s ideas and designs as their valuable assets and go to great lengths to keeping them undisclosed to irrelevant individuals.

We believe the world will continuously demand for high quality consumer products that stylish and eco-friendly. Aung Crown aims to become one of the most sought after providers of one-stop sustainable hats development services in the world to fuel consumers’ desires for quality living.

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Aung Crown is a company that values memories and considers their products as souvenirs. We take pride in making hats and clothes as works of art and aim to share our culture with every order. Founded in 1998 by Ms. Kailyn, who learned the intricate process of hat making and was captivated by its details.

As a professional hat manufacturer,we are committed to producing superior quality hats with durability, comfort, and style. We prioritize customers’ satisfaction by understanding their needs, exceeding expectations, and continuously improving based on feedback. Embracing innovation, We stay on top of hat manufacturing trends by exploring new materials, techniques, and technologies. We follow strict ethical practices, prioritize customization for self-expression, engage with the local community, and strive for environmental stewardship. With our dedication, we can offer timeless, stylish hats that make an impactful statement.

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